Aerial Warfare of Dark and Light Forces

I saw you in my dream two days ago.  I saw that my elder brother Mohammad was flying this aircraft used for war purposes…It seemed there was a battle in the air..My brother was telling one aircraft there is Prophet (s )and in the other is other people. This war was going on and no one could join without permission. But my brother joined in without a permission and he was behind Prophet S'(s) aircraft.  For this reason he was captured and was taken as a prisoner from the other side people against whom the Prophet (S) was fighting. The man who captured was a fair man who looked like men from West. Then i saw that i am in my old house in Jeddah.(where i spent my childhood) i am downstairs but in the house and my brother is tired with red eyes..skinny …with a big bubble on one of his foot. Leaning towards the opposite wall outside our house. Then i see you coming downstairs too where i am( u were in my house) you look v bright MashaAllah and when u see the condition of my brother who is outside…tears roll down on your cheeks…Jan 2016

Courage and Support for Timid Female

In dream I saw a big hall n some program is going on and me and A are there with our families. You called A on stage and she came. And  when you called me on the stage as my husband is there in the hall and I am scared to come so you are standing on the steps of the stage giving your hand to me and are telling to come- as its looking you are  supporting me and giving me strength and with that I got the courage and started to climb the stairs.