QH Offers Camel Lessons to Famed American Female Activist via Dream

So…it was very interesting…I woke up for Fajr and thought..oh! that was an interesting dream…I should note it down…and then I saw your message which clearly said to make notes of a dream you will get. My dream: .
…I was trying to get a way from my ex-husband…and was having to be clever..somehow I was in Istanbul and there were others with me that also were trying to get away…they had put on many layers of clothing in order to carry as much of their belongings as possible…I was very familiar with them in my dream, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember who they were…
We were wandering in what seemed to be a very old part of Istanbul, except that it was much dirtier and decrepit than Turkey…more like Egypt…I had a car and was trying to reach a destination in the old city…I had to ask help from police or some sort of official that I knew were corrupt,I know that I needed their help…there was one officer that began to lead us up dark, dank decrepit stairs in an old building…it obviously had been very beautiful once…
We emerged from an upper level onto the roof…and their was a spectacular view of the Bosphorus…it was beautiful…and I only had my camera phone,,
Somehow I left because I wanted to find my mother and show her this beautiful spot…i brought her back, and looked for the corrupt official to allow us back into the building, but couldn’t find him, and found others…that didn’t care whether we went back or not…

…and I showed my mother this beautiful place from this decrepit building…

…I can’t rememver if it was in the beginning or the end of the dream…but at some point there was a woman that was offering us camel lessons…I felt like it was you 😉 At first I thought that you were giving free camel lessons, but then you told me that they were $70 a lesson…I asked, what about my foster sons? you told me for them the camel riding lessons would be free 😉
So an interesting point is that yestereday I joined the 12-12-12 prayer for Peace…today I see that it is originating in Istanbul…I think that is interesting..
I am looking forward to meeting you, and seeing if already met you in my dream 😉 and now that Ive met you, I can say that the lady in my dream was surely you!

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