Sumaya Amba (RAH) first QH Seeker in Hijaz Reports Prophetic Gladtidings

Poetic Gathering in Jeddah where Sayeda Sumaya Amba and QH first met

When I first saw the Qudra Healer and came to know of what she does, I knew this was whom I wanted to take my attunements with, something I had been seeking for sometime. I felt a spontaneous feeling of spiritual attraction and as the Healer says, she felt likewise, thus we both felt very connected upon our first meeting. There were many interesting occurrences after I had met the Qudra Reiki Healer and to my amazement, l came to know she knew of me years prior to our first physical meeting. I had made up my mind to receive Qudra Healing Attunements and had discussed our first attunement date. A few days prior to my initial attunement, I saw the following:

I was in the Hujra (room) of the Prophet Mohammed (upon him be peace and salutations), to my left, was without a speck of doubt, the Noble Prophet (Upon him be peace) with a green turban and to my right was the Qudra Healer, exactly the way I had seen her on our first physical meeting. I saw him as clear as daylight, and recall feelings of awe, ease, peace and truly felt I had been brought to what I was truly seeking. I look forward to this exciting journey of self discovery and know full well that there is Prophetic blessing involved.

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