Business Takes Off Reports Seeker

Prior to Attunements: Last night, I prayed 2 rakah’a istikhara, as you said, and I saw positive dreams like I am doing some project with 100% success. I saw this three times repeatedly. Also during my sleep, I was thinking that I have to learn about ‘Qudra Reiki’, for healing and success for me and my family.

Post Attunements with Qudra Healing: After almost closing my business down, I followed your guidelines and three days after I got a project. Also, my old client who hasn’t been in touch with me for over three years is now in touch with me for business. my Beside all I am doing Reiki according to your instructions and after 15 days me and my family feel some changes like my first wife always has headache in her half head which is disappear now, my daughter menses were not regular and by Reiki it’s ok now Alhamdullilah. Also my second wife body pain is reducing after I did Reiki. Whenever I hear about any of my friends or relatives I reach there and do the Reiki healing and they said yes there is some and they feel relax mostly during the Reiki healing they feel sleepy and very relax. I mean really I feel comfort and successes in my life.


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Seeker Sees Dream after Twenty Years

I have been hit with severe black majic and there is not a joint in my body that does not pain. By Allah grace I was able to finish my medical degree in the states apart from being heavily affected. You asked me to do istikhara and I can swear I have been unable to see any dreams for over twenty years, but somehow miraculously, I actually saw a dream. I saw you in the dream wearing a scarf telling me something which I can’t remember. I cannot remember the color of scarf. After Allah( jallojallalahu) for me, the most loved and respected are ProphetMohammed, then his Ahlebait, then all the Ashaab and Prophets of Allah.
It is Allah’s mercy that I came in contact with you .
Thanks for helping me.
I worked in muzahmiah hospital nearby riyadh Saudi Arabia long time ago. While there, I did three umrahs and one hajj.
I visited madina 4 times and felt thats the best place in the whole world. I wish I could live and die in that city.
I await your instructions whenever you have a chance.
Thanks a lot. May Allah bless you and Ahlebait.

Boiling Water Fails to Cause Harm Relates Seeker

Apart from practicing positive thinking, as advised, I started to recite Quranic verses for protection due to certain circumstances I was facing. I had been ill for over 6 weeks. My maid was bringing a pot of boiling water with vicks in it. As she approached me, she slipped and the boiling water splashed upon my legs. My children, maid and guests were a witness that not only did I not scream, yet no burns or scalding appeared on my legs. I felt no pain. Truly the verses I read proved to be a safeguard against calamities. I am very grateful to the Almighty and the Quranic healer who prescribed the daily reading.

QH Offers Camel Lessons to Famed American Female Activist via Dream

So…it was very interesting…I woke up for Fajr and thought..oh! that was an interesting dream…I should note it down…and then I saw your message which clearly said to make notes of a dream you will get. My dream: .
…I was trying to get a way from my ex-husband…and was having to be clever..somehow I was in Istanbul and there were others with me that also were trying to get away…they had put on many layers of clothing in order to carry as much of their belongings as possible…I was very familiar with them in my dream, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember who they were…
We were wandering in what seemed to be a very old part of Istanbul, except that it was much dirtier and decrepit than Turkey…more like Egypt…I had a car and was trying to reach a destination in the old city…I had to ask help from police or some sort of official that I knew were corrupt,I know that I needed their help…there was one officer that began to lead us up dark, dank decrepit stairs in an old building…it obviously had been very beautiful once…
We emerged from an upper level onto the roof…and their was a spectacular view of the Bosphorus…it was beautiful…and I only had my camera phone,,
Somehow I left because I wanted to find my mother and show her this beautiful spot…i brought her back, and looked for the corrupt official to allow us back into the building, but couldn’t find him, and found others…that didn’t care whether we went back or not…

…and I showed my mother this beautiful place from this decrepit building…

…I can’t rememver if it was in the beginning or the end of the dream…but at some point there was a woman that was offering us camel lessons…I felt like it was you 😉 At first I thought that you were giving free camel lessons, but then you told me that they were $70 a lesson…I asked, what about my foster sons? you told me for them the camel riding lessons would be free 😉
So an interesting point is that yestereday I joined the 12-12-12 prayer for Peace…today I see that it is originating in Istanbul…I think that is interesting..
I am looking forward to meeting you, and seeing if already met you in my dream 😉 and now that Ive met you, I can say that the lady in my dream was surely you!

Seeker Receives Three Books Through Dream

I am a professional working lady, and mother of two. I am a Hashemite through my father’s blood line.
I have been struggling in my life with so many issues regarding my family, and marital issues. Though I never discussed this openly, but always felt I needed some guidance to tackle some troubling issues concerning me.

Three months ago, I was surprised when I received a call from Qudra Healer who asked me about my problem which according to Qudra, I had discussed the matter with her in her dream. The problem still exists but I did not disclose this to her ever in prior and tried my best to cover my personal challenges. About a week ago on Friday, while taking a short nap after Duhur prayer, I dreamt the following;
I went to Qudra’s house, she took me inside, and showed me her home and I was introduced to her daughter (I was totally unaware that she had a daughter) Qudra Healer handed over three books to me saying,”This is for you.” When I stepped out of her home, to my surprise I saw my eighty year old grandmother. I introduced Qudra Healer to her, she met her very warmly and expressed that she lives near Qudra’s home. Qudra responded with interest and asked my grand mother where exactly her house was located to which I showed her the location. After that meeting I returned back to my home.

I woke up feeling unusual and decided to call Qudra Healer in order to relate the dream. Although I live in the same city as Qudra, I have yet to meet her in person and have only spoke to her over the phone for the past three months as a friend only.

Prophetic Orders to ‘Walk through Fire’ via Dream

Jan 19, 2013
Note: This dream was shared upon request of the lady who personally saw it and felt it should be shared. It is forbidden in Islam to falsely relate or claim a dream. Prophetic tradition states that satan cannot come in the form of the Prophet (PBUH) in dream.
“After my daytime Makkah trip for special needs kids accompanied by Qudra Healer, I saw the following dream the same night:
A project was in the works and through this project three individuals had reverted back to Islam through Qudra Healer. Among them, a tall man in a grey suit. Upon reverting, he gave a speech and a lady approached him offering him a job (he was unemployed). Then afterwards, I heard the voice of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said in a screaming voice addressing people, ” Didn’t you hear what he (Prophet Mohammed) said, he said, ‘its the satan’s fire, don’t be afraid to go through it, if you believe in me and follow me it will not harm you.’ Thereupon, I saw huge crowds like a sea or ocean of people going through the fire, but as I did not recognize them, I recall myself and the Qudra Healer in the ocean of people walking through the fire safely. The moment we went thru it, the alarm rang and I woke up sobbing.”

Couple Seeks Healing via Dream

The 1ST DREAM: She was invited to a “Grand Banquet” at the most Beautiful and Breathtaking Hall. The decor was out of this world. Very Moroccan and Turkish inspired. There were round Oudh Pots made out of gold and colored glass emitting the most amazing scent all around the room. There was a very elaborate dining table with finest dishes from different countries placed in front of her. She could see other guests mingling about but the one who she was led to was the Qudra Healer. She humbled herself to her when she approached her.Qudra Healers hair was covered and she was dressed in the most elegant attire, with light shining from her. She read Qasidas, recited Quran and started to do Zikr. My friend at once knelt down in awe and closed her eyes. She to was meditating for some time and finally after they had finished Qudra Healer waved her hands over her with the smoke of the Mubarak Oudh.

2ND DREAM: My friend arrived with her husband and children to visit Qudra Healer. She was told by her that she is in need of healing. Qudra Healer made her don a veil and took her into the busy streets and as if floating in mid air pushed her forward through the streets while in meditation and Zikr. When they arrived back home, my friend took rest and Qudra healer went into her study, her drapes where made out of royal blue silk and she had a matching Wing chair to match. My friends father in law asked Qudra healer how did everything go and he was told that it was pretty bad. My friend walked in and Qudra healer showed her a blackish brown leather board to her. Miraculously an extremely beautiful and elegant woman appeared onto the board. She had big eyes and very long and thick eyelashes. Wearing a silk hijab and her face was radiating with light which lit the entire room. My friend was told that she was no ordinary woman….it was Bibi Hajra! She then disappeared from the board and Qudra healer told her that Bibi Hajra was one of her helpers! My friends husband spoke to Qudra healer and told her that his wife experienced natural blood letting on her left arm, which caused her a lot of pain a few days prior to coming. At hearing this, Qudra healer took my friends left arm and kissed it. She was then led into a room where she was asked to rest.

Dream of Arabian Kings in Mystical Poetry Recital

The following is a dream I saw of you on June 10, 2013:

Seated beneath a starry night sky in a vast desert with a colossal gathering, I saw you in Royal Arabian attire reciting poetry to an audience. You wore a silken Bedouin attire and held a golden pearl-studded wine goblet with which you drank from.

I sat and listened to you recite among the audience. We were mesmerized by the recital; which was full of mystical rhythm and’s hard to describe the feeling, but I felt as if we were all in a trance. The ambiance was superb. A pitch black starry sky and we all sat beneath with dim candle lights… In this intriguing gathering, I noted there were three important personalities; The famed Kings of Arabia: H.R.H. King Khalid, Faisal and Abdullah. They too, as if in trance, cheered you on. I saw King Faisal rise and approach you with a trophy like reward or gift. You received it with grace and poise. I recall you being very composed and regal throughout and post recital. This dream carried on throughout the night until I awoke. I felt the serenity. After arising from sleep, I felt it a must to contact you and share this. ”WOW!!” is all I have to say and it was very therapeutic listening to you! (Fatiha)


Navida Burney


Group Healing with 11 Ladies of Light Seen in Dream

Group Healing Dream by Male Seeker in Jeddah-

2014- Sitting on 2 big soft flat rocks in an automn winter garden or a Zen garden with 11 ladies wearing head scarfs colored in the brightest of rainbow colors  as you were one of them with red maple leaves on the ground all over beautifuly all were in their 33 years of age you introduced me and a tall fair with a light blue scarf took me by the hand as she spoke to me but I don’t recall what she said , but this was like a year and 8 or 9 months ago