Unleash The Mystic Within


Khatoon Fallah: Performance Artist, Physical Theatre Director and Choreographer

Khatoon continues to shine the light given to her through waves and turns, movement and love. She is a multi talented artist and instructs students globally in the art of movement, whirling and classical and contemporary Persian dance. Khatoon founded Sama Girls, a dance group in Iran, designed to empower, educate and train females through workshops for international and local performances.
Khatoon Dance, an online platform founded and operated by Khatoon, serves to train students worldwide through virtual instruction, while Khatoon Dancewear is her personal label which provides dance and whirling costumes based in Turkey.
In the Sacred Art of Whirling, Khatoon serves as a guide to explain the philosophy of whirling, while providing explicit live and video recorded instructions to students.

Alicia Ali:​ I​nterdisciplinary Artist & Published Poet

Initiated into the Mevlevi Order of Jelaluddin Rumi in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Alicia’s poetic outpourings is the ​new wine of Arabia.​

Her carefully selected poetic themes on Ishq, love, wine, separation, union, consciousness, elements, guides and the Path of the Dost to name a few, serve as a healing to hearts.

Alicia’s published works, A Hijazi Gift of Love (2018) and High Above (2019) are glimpses from her poetic Divaan ccollection, which are yet to be published.

Her upcoming multi volume edition, Dost, is the Seeker of Love’s daily dose of spiritual sohbet from the lens of a female authorized guide in the Sufi Path.
Declared a spiritual catalyst, Alicia’s creative style of delivery may raise brows, yet she is adamant in crossing ideological boundaries through the art of poetic and artistic expression in
order to achieve a sense of humanistic equilibrium and unity. Her literary outpourings bring together spiritual philosophies, timeless wisdom fused with hints of heart arousal.

In the Art of Penning Your Heart, Alicia serves as a guide in taking seekers gently back to their hearts in order to revisit closed doors and hence to unleash the poet within.

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