MAY WORKSHOP | introduction to pranayama breath work & tools

Sensei Nisrine is a Holistic Wellness Coach who is trained and certified in multiple coaching and healing modalities (Breath and Bodywork-Theta Healing- Pranic Healing – Reiki – Access Consciousness – Life Coaching – Yoga and Meditation, to name a few), her experience stems from her own journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Nisrine uses customized approaches to guide you back to your wholeness, back to yourself. Inherently, we are not broken, we are not wounded, we are not missing anything, we merely need to remove the layers of accumulated baggage that we consciously or unconsciously drag along, we merely need to unlearn and let go all the limiting beliefs we chose to adopt as our own that block us from receiving the love and abundance of blessings available for us, we merely need to give ourselves the permission to throw off board and discard the limiting thoughts and calcified ideas we have made about ourselves, about others, about life. It is unfortunate to say that we are our own limitation but it is also empowering because it means that we own the possibility to do something about it, if we choose so! Sensei Nisrine invites you to embark on an epic journey of transformation, discovery, transcendence. The journey back to yourself, the journey back to Love.

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