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31 Belief Codes on Healing



Gregg Braden encourages everyone to move to a mental place where they raise awareness and grow more awakened to their own misperceptions and reasons behind them.  This touches on the hightened perception linked to the 2012 phenomenon.

Braden advises how each human being has inner power to shatter their own conception of false limits. In his book, The Spontaneous Healing of Disbelief, he explore these 31 belief codes in great detail and its truly worth reading;

1) Experiments show the focus of attention shifts reality.

2) We live based on what we believe, limit and create.

3) Science is one language that describes things as they are.

4) Particles we’re made of interact instantaneously, bilocate and change the past through present choices, and so can we.

5) Beliefs can change energy flow and events in the universe.

6) Perceived existence is actually a series of energy holograms.

7) All energy is “on” (physical matter) or “off” (invisible waves).

8) Nature repeats patterns to build all you perceive or not.

9) If the universe is compised of repeating patterns, grasping small things is a window into the bigger picture.

10) Belief is a ‘program’ that creates patterns in reality.

11) What we believe is more powerful than what others accept.

12) Accept the power of belief can transform everything.

13) Belief creates certainty based on thought and feelings.

14) Belief is expressed in the heart, where experiences are translated into electrical and magnetic waves that interact withe the world.

15) Beliefs and feelings speak a quantum language to create.

16) The subconscious is larger & faster than conscious mind.

17) The most deeply-held beliefs are hidden in subconscious.

18) During what are perceived as greatest challenges, deeply held fears/ beliefs are exposed and avaiable for healing.

19) Belief in unresolved hurt arises in harmful, physical effect.

20) Soul pain translates into diminished spiritual quality of life.

21) Principles that permit self-injury are reversed to self-heal.

22) Belief in a unifying force or opposing ones, shapes you.

23) Choose relationship with light and darkness to heal the rift.

24) A miracle possible for anyone is possible for everyone.

25) You create and experience realities you conjure in mind.

26) In 1998, scientists confirmed photons are influenced by being watched and the more intense the observing, the greater influence over particle activity.

27) Key is to consciously become an experience you choose.

28) People tend to experience what they identify with/ believe.

29) Both logic and miracles open inner channels to beliefs.

30) To alter beliefs, shift awareness to many new possibilities.

31) No need to explain how or why something works, just be consciously willing to accept what it brings to your perception.

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