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Business Takes Off Reports Seeker

Prior to Attunements: Last night, I prayed 2 rakah’a istikhara, as you said, and I saw positive dreams like I am doing some project with 100% success. I saw this three times repeatedly. Also during my sleep, I was thinking that I have to learn about ‘Qudra Reiki’, for healing and success for me and my family.

Post Attunements with Qudra Healing: After almost closing my business down, I followed your guidelines and three days after I got a project. Also, my old client who hasn’t been in touch with me for over three years is now in touch with me for business. my Beside all I am doing Reiki according to your instructions and after 15 days me and my family feel some changes like my first wife always has headache in her half head which is disappear now, my daughter menses were not regular and by Reiki it’s ok now Alhamdullilah. Also my second wife body pain is reducing after I did Reiki. Whenever I hear about any of my friends or relatives I reach there and do the Reiki healing and they said yes there is some and they feel relax mostly during the Reiki healing they feel sleepy and very relax. I mean really I feel comfort and successes in my life.


Note- Our dream posts are unedited and are reposted on our blog in the same format sent by seekers.

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