The Law of Gratitude

By Deobrah Anderson

The Law of Gratitude

About a million years BC everything in life was absolutely free.

Together humanity sang the song of the Universe and through that song using also the Law of the Universe – The Law of Gratitude – humanity could create its needs.

However we lost our way and forgot the song and we replaced our creating abilities with the monetary system. Money is not bad, it is just a second hand currency.  We lost our spiritual currency which was the song called the Word and Gratitude.

Everyone is talking about the Law Of Attraction but this Law cannot work of its own. It is not the Ultimate Law of the Universe. It is the outcome of the law of Gratitude.

There is only one main LAW and that is the Law Of Gratitude. All other laws are from this Law.

The Law of Gratitude is the Law Of Cause And Effect what do I mean here.

It’s simple, when you are grateful then you attract ( the law of attraction works through gratitude)  every good thing that life can give you.

Living in Gratitude is working in harmony with the Law of the Universe – The Law Of Gratitude. In order to get results from this LAW you have to work with it. But if you become ungrateful you will draw more into your life, things to be ungrateful about. Therefore attracting into your life undesirable outcomes. It is that simple.

Gratitude is the Spiritual Currency

But we forgot the song of Gratitude our spiritual creational currency and our Word to work with it. When you use your personal mantra you are singing the song but you must have Gratitude in your heart. For it is gratitude that opens the way – it is the LAW. For instance say you want to manifest a house. Use your mantra the song and keep thanking the Universe or your God for your house every day. It is on its way to you but be open as to how. You don’t have to have belief just be very thankful. Gratitude is the Master key.
So what ever you want to manifest say your mantra with your request in your heart but with GRATITUDE this way you are working with the law of the Universe – The Law Of Gratitude.

And keep thanking God. And it will manifest.

Gratitude is Manifestation

Just as it is so with the Law Of Gravity. When you jump up you will come down. The Law is impersonal and so it is with the Law Of Gratitude. The Universe – God – The Light does not have an ego problem. It doesn’t grant us things because IT needs to be thanked. No. The Law Of the Universe – is The Law Of Gratitude and through gratitude is Attraction.  And the Attraction – The Law of Attraction simply works through The Law Of Gratitude in BEING. In being either ungrateful or grateful.

It is the grateful heart that is the magnet. The entire process of mental, spiritual and material riches can be summed up in six words – being in a state of gratitude. A thankful person will draw more blessings to him/her. From the book – Infinite Power To Be Rich, by Joseph Murphy – born in poverty Lucien after paying his rent was left with only fifty cents a day for meals. He would hold the money in his hands everyday and say ‘God multiplies this and I give thanks I am receiving more and more money everyday. Lucien began to attract though the Law of Gratitude business oportunities and he continued to show gratitude by saying thank you Father. He eventually ended up with a five million dollar business and more.

In the Old Testament when the people complained against God and Moses when they left Egypt, they never entered the promised land. Was this Gods punishment? No. Complaining is the opposite of being thankful. When they complained they attracted with an ungrateful heart more to complain about. Joshua and Caleb were the only two out of thousands who didn’t complained but entered the promised land with a grateful heart.

Let us then enter our promised land with a grateful heart knowing that the Universe – through the working with the Law of the Universe – the Law of Gratitude – will give us our hearts desire. Because our hearts desire with gratitude is the MAGNET.


The Law of Reciprocity


The Law of Reciprocity

        by Amira




The Law of Reciprocity means: to give and take mutually; to return in kind or even in another kind or
degree. You may have heard the Law of Reciprocity expressed as: “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” The law of reciprocity, (which
applies in EVERY culture on the face of the earth), simply explains that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back.

Giving and receiving favors is a common exchange and is an implicit assumption in most of our relationships. When someone does something for you, they implicitly expect that when the circumstance is right, you will do something of approximately equal value for them. The expectation may never be discussed openly but nonetheless it exists and affects negotiations and relationships.

All parties must benefit from the relationship and invest in the relationship and acts must be mutually rewarding otherwise it creates an
imbalance in reciprocity. When someone is the primary giver, they often expect they will receive in kind from the receiver or eventually from someone else in the world at another time.

Possibly the earliest version of the Golden Rule is translated from The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant (1970 BC) and states:

“Do for one who may do for you, that you may cause him thus to do”.
Similarly, the Golden Rule says: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” “You reap what you sow.”

By doing for others you make favorable impressions on them and relationships
blossom as you extend courtesy, kindness, honesty, respect, and other favors.
Even if favors are small, they accumulate over time as you build trust and
create a history of what to expect from each other. People evaluate your
actions and motives through giving and receiving.

Reciprocity is a basis of trust and a basis for legitimate power. The principle
is that others will reciprocate in kind based upon the way you treat them. The
world gives you what you give to the world.

The Bible reminds us that: “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap
sparingly, and whoever sows

generously will also reap generously…. And God is able to make all grace abound
to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will
abound in every good work.”

Salespeople, copywriters, and all types of “marketers” use this
immutable natural law to their advantage to make more sales. That’s why people
in these professions give you free samples. That’s whydoor-to-door vacuum cleaner salespeople offer to clean your house for free.

That’s why charities give out free gifts.

Others understand this law on a faith-based level. They were taught and believe that you should “plant a seed.” Their faith has taught them that giving is somehow a key to carrying out Gods instructions to them. When we give because of faith, we do receive more!
We don’t have to understand it, for it to work. That’s why it’s called faith.

Reciprocity can be both positive and negative and if you harm others, they mayseek revenge or retribution. People want to make things even in relationships, doing good for those who have treated them well. They may even want to do harm to those who have harmed them.

You might ask yourself: How does it apply to me? How should I respond?

In the Divine system, we are created as a channel to serve others. Setting resources in motion, sets spiritual forces in action for you receive your
actions. Practice doing good deeds when opportunities present themselves especially to those who believe and understand this Universal principle.

Tithing, an age-old concept endorsed by every major religion in the world, is  an example of the “Law of Reciprocity” in action. To tithe is to give
back ten percent of your gross earnings to your spiritual source, whether that
is the church, temple, ashram or mosque you attend … it’s where you get your spiritual nutrition and sustenance.

Only giving creates human dignity.

Only giving opens up the soul.

Only giving can miraculously change a life.

Only giving works at soul level and radiates outward to every area of your experience.

Only givers get.

Only givers live a truly fulfilled, powerful, positive, happy and deeply
meaningful life.

Most of us believe to an extent that when we give, we somehow create “good  vibes,” “good karma,” or that we will get something back because we give. We don’t all fully understand how it works however on a psychological level some of us do  understand the immutable law of reciprocity.

Reciprocity isn’t always instantaneous, therefore persistence is vital. Even if you’ve found yourself saying “I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work”, don’t give up! At them proper time we will reap a harvest. By understanding and using the power of  reciprocity, you can improve your relationships and avoid mistakes that can permanently damage your relationships. In life and work, you get what you give.

Start with a smile. It will come back to you! Give ideas! Give money! Give support! Give resources! Repay, in kind, what another person has
provided you.

The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma)



Jesus/Isa: Healing

Excerpts from
“Only Your Thoughts Can Upset You” by Terry Winchester

How Universal Law works

We are all subjected to the law of cause and effect.
In the East they call this the law of karma which means that, for every action, there is an equal and opposite
reaction. Every thought you think has its consequences. This is the creative
principle that makes the world go round. However, your True Self is beyond
karma because it is beyond thought. Until such time as we learn to be in the
world and not of it, we are under the influence of karma and must learn the
lessons that it brings. The ultimate lesson karma teaches is that the world
that we perceive with our minds is simply a figment of our imagination.

It is the mind that
interprets the eye’s messages and gives

them meaning and this meaning does not exist in the world

outside at all


Our karma, or
perceptions, set up an endless cycle of birth and death that continues until
one day we step back and realise the folly of our ways. We then transcend the
illusion of who we thought we were and are reborn into the Truth. All our karma
or sins are transcended and we find permanent peace.

Unless you be reborn, you
shall not enter

into the kingdom of heaven.


There is a difference between a reaction and a response. A reaction is when you
instantaneously react to a situation with anger or excitement. A response is
the acceptance that everything is okay. Let it be. It’s all perfect. Honour
whatever happens—it is the perfect outplaying of your thoughts or karma. By
doing this you are taking responsibility for your predicament and therefore are
able to learn your lessons and move on. There is always a pause before you
respond—whereas a reaction is instant. Any reaction will create more karma,
because you do not see the relationship between your thought and its results.
You therefore blame something or someone else. By doing this you dis-empower
yourself and create more karma. You choose to be a victim.

There are no coincidences

There are no chance encounters. Each person who comes into your life is there for a reason. They
have something to teach you, and you them, although they don’t usually know it.
Every time you react and call forth the fight or light principle, you have
blown your opportunity to be free. It might be lifetimes before the Universe
can arrange another opportunity. So start to honour your predicament. Be aware
of the fact that everything that is happening to you, is an opportunity for you
to take responsibility and grow.

The amazing thing is, even if you ‘blew it’ in the past and didn’t take responsibility for what
was happening to you, it is never too late to learn. Although the latest
psychology will try to uncover the original reactive pattern, this is not
necessary because you can work with the updated version.

Every encounter with every person presents you with an opportunity to see if you are labouring
under any misperceptions. You have an opportunity to clear your old faulty
thought patterns. When you realise this, your whole attitude changes and you
begin to welcome whatever comes your way, no matter how horrendous it seems to
be. You lose your job—“Thank you.” Your wife runs off with your best friend—“Ah
so.” Your house starts falling apart—“Okay.”

It’s all perfect

Everything that happens to us is the outplaying of our past thought patterns. If you do lose
your job and pause to look back over the recent months—you will see that things
were not going well for whatever reason. It was time to change. That job was no
longer serving a useful purpose. You are ready to move on to better things.
Likewise if your wife runs off with your best friend, pause, and look back on
the stress and heartache you have both been through. If you were not suited and
the relationship was not going anywhere, then it would be better for all
concerned that you move on. If ‘indiscretion’ was forgiven, it could take the
relationship to a new level. Either way, at the end of the day it is all
perfect because nothing real has been threatened.

If you get angry because the builder rips you off and you curse and swear at him, even if it is
just in your mind, you are creating karma. You don’t have to be upset. If he
did rip you off, you have the law courts as a remedy. Whatever the case, you
have attracted him into your life and need to learn whatever it may be that
this situation has to teach. If he did rip you off and gets away with it, you could
look at it as a previous debt that you are now repaying. He will also get what
is due to him because whatever you do unto others is done unto you. It is all
perfect—so why worry?

You might ask, “How can you say illness is perfect?” Illness is perfect because it is showing you
that you have misperceived and distorted the natural balance of energy in the
body. It is essential that your body feels pain and distress so that you are
warned of the dangerous negative thoughts you are entertaining. The dis-ease is
a perfect manifestation of your misperception. Any illness even if it is viral
or bacterial is the manifestation of your karmic predicament. This is due to
the fact that your faulty thought patterns, over many years, weaken the immune
system making you vulnerable to attacks from germs and viruses.

You choose to be sick


If you don’t deal with your problems or misperceptions, the patterns just keep repeating
themselves. You will continue with your disease or disorder until you decide to
change your mind. Something like cancer is a perfect example of a manifested
misperception. It is something which eats away at you, like anger and
resentment. When you have negative emotions, the chaos that results reflects in
the cells of the body. Dis-ease means to be stressed. The body will be out of
harmony because your thoughts are out of harmony. Sort out your faulty thoughts
and health and harmony will return to the body. Only your mind can be sick and
you can learn to change your mind.

Sickness is my choosing to
be separate from the True-Self


Although we say that you choose to be sick, it is obvious that no-one in their right mind would
choose pain. You were obviously therefore in your wrong mind. Choice implies
that we are aware of what we are doing when we do it. When someone is in their
outer conscious level of mind, they are not aware of the fact that their
thoughts are creating their reality, so we cannot really say that they
consciously chose their sickness. Their sickness is the result of their thoughts
but they are unaware of what they are doing to themselves.

Law of Thinking-Simplified

The Law of





The law of thinking states that whatever your main state of mind is, it will be reflected in the external world.

If your thinking is mainly positive, it means that your life is quite positive and mainly positive events happen in your life. If you entertain depressing and fearful thoughts, then your external reality is a reflection of that.

If you change your state of mind, you will change your reality.

Your surroundings is the best measurement to show what your usual mood is. If you are an angry person, you will encounter many angry people and your surroundings will be unsatisfactory.

If you are very happy, you will be surrounded by positive friends and family and your life will be full of positive experiences.

The benefits of the law of thinking

By using the law of thinking you will:

  • Consciously create your reality
  • Prevent yourself from getting stuck in problems
  • Understand the causes of your current results
  • Produce only great outcomes
  • Improve health as a result of the positive state of mind

How to use the law of thinking

Now as you know that thinking affects your external world, you will try not to entertain negative thoughts. You can do that by trying to consciously control what you are thinking about.

You should not dwell on negative thoughts because they will manifest at some point in your life. Try to dwell only on thoughts that you would like to come into your reality.

The same applies to words. You should never say anything aloud that you do not want to manifest.

How to consciously solve any problem

When you try to solve a problem with frustration you will get results that will create more frustration.

If you encounter some problem and are unable to solve it, just leave it alone for a while. When you come back to it with a fresh mind, the problem will either be solved or you will be given a new way to view the situation.

The reason why you cannot solve any problem with negativity is because your anger and frustration block you from seeing some of the crucial aspects of the problem that would solve it. You only see negative aspects of a situation because you are negative.

If you need to solve a problem quickly and have no time to leave it aside, then try this technique. When you encounter some problem, acknowledge exactly what kind of problem you are experiencing and completely surrender to it. You will be surprised how quickly the change will happen and that situation will be solved.

This is because by understanding the situation and not resisting it, you will be in a positive or neutral state of mind. That, in turn, will give only positive energy to any action you take. Therefore whatever way you try to solve the problem will be the right way.

Law of thinking in daily living

Some people undertake daily tasks with boredom and unhappiness. But that is why their reality is boring and unhappy. That is very easy to understand once you take a close look at the way they live.

Try to catch yourself in your daily activities to assess from what state of mind you are working.

It does not only apply to the daily tasks but to your whole behaviour. If you interact with external world being in the positive state of mind, you will not encounter any big problems and you will be in the flow of life.

If you interact with external reality by resisting and fighting, you will encounter many difficulties and think that life is unfair.

That is why it is true when some say that only you are responsible for your results. If you are not doing well, it is you to blame. I know it sound harsh, but that is the reality.

If you do not like your current situation, you can change it by changing your inner state of mind.


The law of thinking is one of the most important universal laws because by consciously applying it your life can change instantly. When you become positive, you will no longer get unsatisfactory results or suffer from problems that you cannot overcome.

The law of thinking gives you an opportunity to consciously create life full of happiness and success. All it requires from you is to stop dwelling on negative thoughts and focus on positive thinking instead.


Universal Laws and Principles- The Recipe for Life

Universal Laws and Principles – The Recipe for Life

John A. Smith

What is your experience of life? Do you experience life as a set of random events in which you have little say and control? If you do, you form part of the majority of people who live as victims of life, having life happen to them. In a previous article we touched on the fact that although most people tend to live this way, there is a growing group of people who, instead of struggling to make a living, are having fun designing their lives. What makes the difference between these two groups of people? Is the one group having more luck than the other? The reality is that luck has nothing to do with it. Instead, the second group, having fun designing their lives, have discovered one of the greatest secrets to a happy and successful life – the fact that instead of simply being a set of random events, every aspect of life is governed and its outcome determined by the understanding and implementation of the Universal Laws and Principles. As much as there are natural, physical laws that govern the order of the universe such as the Law of Gravity, there are Universal, Cosmic or Spiritual Laws and Principles that govern the order of life. In this article we will examine some of these Laws and Principles and the role each play in determine the outcome of life.

Before we look at these Laws and Principles, it is important to understand what we mean by these terminologies.

Law – a binding rule. There is nothing you can do to change it. It is immutable. Violating a law contains inherent harm, suffering or punishment. Obeying a law contains inherent benefit, reward or blessing. The suffering we experience as a result of violating these Laws should serve as feed-back; lessons that we need to learn in order to change what we do in order to change the outcome.

Principle – the underlying cause of an outcome. If you do something a certain way, you can virtually predict the outcome.

These Laws and Principles are not intended to dictate to, or control you. They are intended to inform and enlighten you as to the way things work. You also need to be careful not to look at the workings of these Laws and Principles as purely mechanical. Your will, desires and attitude also play a role in the creation of your life circumstances, situations and events, as well as influence those of others. The purpose of this article is to inspire you to look at life in a new way and to assist during some of the more uncertain times in your life, when you need answers to help provide some solutions.

It is important to understand that the application or implementation of each Universal Law activates an inherent Principle. The outcome of your life is directly determined by your knowledge and implementation of these Universal Laws and Principles. “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

Although we cannot necessarily arrange the Universal Laws and Principles in order of importance, it is safe to say that the Law of Cause and Effect is seen as the most basic of all Universal Laws. The Law of Cause and Effect implies that nothing exists or is experienced independently or capriciously. Every situation, circumstance or event was created by a cause. Every cause creates an effect. The only way you can bring a change in whatever it is that you are experiencing, which is the effect, is to change the cause.

Following is a list of some of the Universal Laws that if correctly applied and implemented will activate their inherent principles which in turn will create causes leading to effects – the situations, circumstances or events in your life.

  1. The Law of Mind – The condition of your mind or consciousness (thoughts, will and emotions), positive or negative, will determine the condition of your life, positive or negative. A positive, empowering mind will create positive cause leading to positive effect, in turn determining the quality of the situations, circumstances or events in your life.
  2. The Law of Attraction – Your thoughts attract to you those things that correspond with the quality of your thoughts, positive or negative. Positive thoughts attract positive situations, circumstances or events. Negative thoughts attract negative situations, circumstances or events.
  3. The Law of Thought – You become what you think. Whatever thoughts you entertain over a period of time (in your conscious mind) will eventually settle as beliefs (in your subconscious mind) and will control the outcome of your life. The only way to change disempowering beliefs into empowering beliefs is to discontinue keeping your mind busy with disempowering thoughts and deliberately start thinking empowering thoughts.
  4. The Law of Belief – Whatever your belief about anything (in your subconscious mind) will eventually create according to that belief (according to the Law of Attraction). Essentially, your beliefs consist of your internal dialogue – what you inadvertently say to yourself about the situation – and your imagination – the picture you inadvertently hold in your mind about the situation. One way in which you can become aware of your beliefs is by observing your reality and paying attention to what comes out of your mouth.
  5. The Law of Expectation – Whatever you expect (created by the belief in your subconscious mind) will create according to the expectation. Do not confuse expectation (which is subconscious) with wants and wishes. Wants and wishes very seldom come true as they are usually based on a sense of lack, which according to the Law of Attraction will create more lack. Every person has expectations, whether of something positive or negative, creating circumstance, situations or events accordingly.
  6. The Law of Acceptance – There is a saying, “whatever you resist will persist”. The reason for this is that whatever you focus on will remain, as focus feeds any situation with energy. Acceptance, not to be confused with capitulation or denial, but a conscious decision to accept the fact that something is the way that it is without attributing value to it, takes the focus off the situation, making it subject to change.
  7. The Law of Focus – Whatever you focus on in your thinking, positive or negative, is what you continue feeding energy. The object of your focus becomes magnified and will remain. Instead, acknowledge the presence of the situation with the understanding that it is subject to change and move your focus on what you desire. The moment you remove you focus from the negative situation, you allow for change in the situation. By focusing on what you desire, according to the Law of Attraction, you will create more of what you are focusing on.
  8. The Law of Forgiveness or Release – Unforgiveness holds you to the person or situation you won’t forgive or release – you are the one that suffers. Forgiveness simply implies letting go of the emotion attached to the issue. You know that you have forgiven when you can think of the person or event without feeling the negative emotion.
  9. The Law of LoveLove (unconditional acceptance) is always reciprocal. The more you love, not necessarily only the experiencing of the emotion, but the acceptance of the person as created in the image and likeness of God (separating the persons’ actions from their being), the more you will be loved in the same way.
  10. The Law of GratitudeWhatever you are grateful for for, you will experience more of. The Laws of Focus and Attraction work together in this instance. Starting the day with an Attitude of Gratitude sets the mood for a positive experience fo the rest of the day, in spite of perceived negative situations.

The million dollar question should now be, “how do I apply and implement these Laws and Principles?” In another article we will learn how to do just that. For now, it is important to develop a knowledge and understanding of the Laws and Principles mentioned above. It is important to understand that there are many, many more of these Laws and Principles, literally for every aspect of life. Once learnt and implemented, you will no longer feel a victim, but become a designer of your life. Enjoy the journey!

How to Write Affirmations and Visualize for Success

How to Write Affirmations and Visualize for Success
By Shelley Holmes

Practicing affirmations daily has a compounding effect. Affirmations alone don’t guarantee success, you must take action.

There are 9 simple steps:

Affirmations are a useful tool to help change the beliefs, images and thought processes that you have within you that may be holding you back from achieving/changing/doing what it is you want with your life.

In fact, your self-talk is a an all-day-long affirmation. As we discovered earlier unless you are aware of and regulate your self-talk, what you may be affirming to yourself may not be the healthiest. For example, how often have you said to yourself “No, I’m no good at …?” “No, I could never do …”. These are both affirmations, but affirmations that stop Powerful Performance. You want to deliberately design and use affirmations that support you in your personal growth.
Use of positive affirmations and visualisation on a regular, conscious basis will support your success. Persistence achieves results much sooner than practicing periodically; practicing your affirmations daily has a compounding effect. Affirmations alone, however, do not guarantee success you also need to take action.
There are nine simple, yet important guidelines that are recommended when creating your affirmations.
1.Be Exceptionally Clear About the Real Issue2.Affirm in the Present Tense

3.It is All About You

4.Engage your Emotions

5.Be Positive

6.Be Short and Specific

7.Be Accurate

8.Visualise Vividly

9.Make Use of The Very Best Time of Day

1. Be Exceptionally Clear About the Real IssueMany times people develop affirmations around the symptom of their problem, rather than going to the root cause. If you affirm a symptom, rather than the root cause of your problem, you may well find that you achieve results in the short term, but long term the results are not sustainable. For example, say you decide you need a weight loss affirmation to affirm that you have lost 10 kg. Which may be true you may need to lose 10 kg.

But at a deeper level, the affirmation you may truly need is about having a healthy, positive body image. Whilst you may in fact be overweight, you may well suffer from a belief that you body is ugly, that you are ugly etc. So in fact you may well need two affirmations – one about the loss of weight and one about your belief about yourself.
If you only worked on the affirmation of being 10kg lighter, you will in all likelihood achieve that result – only to find some months later that all the weight is back on.
As you begin to write your affirmations, ask yourself, what is my real issue? This may require a great deal of reflection, insight and honesty
2. Affirm in the Present TenseAffirmations are more effective when stated in the present tense. For example; “I now have a wonderful job” is a present tense affirmation. “I am going to have a wonderful job” is affirming something in the future tense, and even though it is only a subtle shift in the phrasing of the words, your subconscious, like an ipod, only records what you put in there.

Therefore, by affirming “I am going to …” you may well find yourself waiting a very long time for the results to happen, because you are forever ‘going to’. Write it as if you have already achieved it.
This may seem a bit silly at first – as your reality is that you aren’t 10kg lighter. However, your subconscious is far stronger than your conscious mind and whatever your subconscious believes always becomes your reality. If ever you have found yourself saying “I don’t understand why I can never keep weight off” it may be that your sub-conscious has a far stronger picture of your being overweight than your conscious has of you being at a healthy weight. This technique talks directly to your subconscious.
3. It is All About YouYour affirmation needs to be about you. So it will always include either the word “I” or “me” in it. You cannot make affirmations for other people.

For example you could not affirm: “My team members are open and honest with each other” – this affirmation will never change their behaviour. However, if you were to say, “I am open and honest with my team members acting as a role model to my team”, then you may well find that your personal change will, strangely enough, have a positive impact on and may lead to changes in those around you.
Other people, reading your affirmations, may think they sound very self-centred and selfish. And that is exactly how they are meant to be – this is a self-improvement project .
You may do well not to share you affirmations with other people, particularly if they are likely to put down your efforts or make fun of you when you don’t get right what it is that you are affirming.
For example say you are affirming “I am calm and patient with the children when they are fighting”. Then the children are fighting and you find yourself shouting at them, your partner may well ridicule your attempts at shifting your behaviour – ‘geez that affirmation stuff doesn’t work too well’. Your partner may not understand that these changes do not happen over night. But with persistence and practice, change will occur – just as night follows day.
4. Engage Your EmotionsE-motion=Energy in motion. The emotion fuels the energy to create the result i.e. if it doesn’t get you excited; it is not a powerful affirmation. So, get involved; be passionate; use your emotions! Use phrases like: I am delighted, I am so excited, It is easy for me, etc. Bring your spirit and energy in to the affirmation – the stronger the feeling an affirmation conveys, the deeper the impression it makes on your mind and the sooner you experience positive results.

5. Be PositiveCreate affirmations in positive terms while avoiding negative statements. Affirm what you do want, rather than what you do not want. For example: “I am never sad or depressed.” What pictures does this negative statement immediately bring to your mind? Rather affirm, “I have a positive and optimistic outlook on life”. This statement is much more powerful as it is positive and reinforces your desired goal.

The words that you use trigger in your mind emotions and feelings – you want these to be positive and uplifting. The quickest and easiest way to ensure that you write your affirmation in the positive is to identify what it is you don’t want and then ask yourself the question: “What is it that I do want?” Write your affirmation from the answer you get to this question.
6. Be Short & SpecificShort affirmations are easy to say, and have a far greater impact at a subconscious level than those that are long and wordy. Keeping them specific and to the point adds power as the idea is uncluttered by extraneous elements. If need be, have two or three affirmations around the one topic.

7. Be AccurateWhen it is appropriate you need to put in numbers e.g. exact weight you want to be, or the exact amount of money you are going to save. Or even the people that you see yourself being with e.g. “I am confident and self-assured whenever I am with Nancy”.

8. Visualize VividlyNow that you have written your affirmation the key to manifesting what it is you want, is the process of vividly visualizing yourself as if you have already having obtained your desired outcome.

Through Visualizing you are able to change your Self-Image. You become so comfortable in it that you begin to act like it. Your brain does not differentiate between vividly imagined events and real events. Visualize often enough and with plenty of emotion attached and your brain thinks that this is real. Which is great when we are plugging positive stuff into ourselves. Not so terrific when we are plugging negative stuff!
Vizualisation is constantly used by elite athletesFor the century prior to Australia wining the Americas Cup (in sailing) in 1983 there was a belief that the Americans couldn’t be beaten. The Coach of the Australian Team did something very interesting.

He got a tape of the Masted Sailing Ship which is just like one of those relaxation tapes with the noise of a sailing ship on it, gliding across the water. Then over the top of that he recorded a narration of the team winning the Cup.
The tape went for about 12 minutes. He got the team together twice a day for five years to listen to that tape (using the mastermind group theory of setting up support and accountability) so that by the time they finally raced the American’s “Liberty” team they actually had beaten them thousands of times before – if only in their minds. They couldn’t imagine not winning. That is the kind of discipline that you need.
The more vivid you make it in bright, living, moving, color the better. For optimum results, use all five senses to work for you in reaching your desired goals. By combining the elements of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch to visualize your desired end-result, it becomes more real to your imagination and, as a result, becomes deeply embedded in your subconscious which, as discussed above, becomes your reality.
We can all visualize, it just takes practice. Sometimes until you get good at it, it may only be words or feelings that come to you. That’s okay but the more you practice the easier it will become. Let me show you how well you can already visualize. If you are peanut or milk intolerant maybe you could use different ingredients – just in case
A Visualization ExerciseClose your Eyes. Imagine walking in your front door, slipping off your shoes and walking through to your kitchen.

As you go into the kitchen you can smell something, quite strong, it could be the smell of garlic or some other herb that you’ve used in your cooking recently. The smell reminds you that you are hungry, so you decide to make yourself a peanut butter sandwich.
Walk over to the where you keep the peanut butter and notice the colour of the cupboard door. Grab the peanut butter and notice the label on the jar. Now walk over to where you keep your knives, open the drawer and pull out a knife. Open the cupboard where you keep your plates, pull one out looking at the colour and pattern of it now, grab the bread and start spreading the peanut butter on the bread.
You also decide to grab a glass of milk, so open the fridge and pull out the milk and get a glass from the cupboard. Pour in the milk.
As well, you decide to put on your favourite cd to listen to whilst you eat your sandwich. So wander over to where you keep your cds and player grab it out and put it on. Turn it up loud, then go and sit in your favourite spot in the house. Now take a bite of your sandwich, how does it taste?
You possibly felt that you tasted, smelt, felt, saw and heard in that small visualization.
Visualize the result of what you want. Say for an example you want to remain calm and supportive of your child when they are messing up. Then in your mind you need to visualize your child throwing a wobbly and you being calm and supportive.
9. Make Use of the Very Best Time of DayWhilst you can (and in fact do) affirm and visualize any time of the day, the very best two times are when you first awaken and when you are just falling asleep. At these two times of the day your brain is moving through the Alpha state, which is where your brain is actually at its most creative and most receptive to suggestion.

In the morning when you awaken refreshed, your mind is more receptive to thought patterns and better able to concentrate and receive new stimuli. Affirming is a terrific set-up for how you will be during the day ahead.
The major benefit of the evening session is that you will continue your visualization during your sleeping state. This means that the thought process established by doing your affirming and visualizing will continue to operate on a subconscious level during sleep.
The last half hour before you go to bed is critical. You are more receptive to messages than at any other time during the day. Science tells us that when we go to sleep our conscious mind clicks off and our subconscious mind clicks on and begins to entertain itself for the rest of the evening. Studies have also shown us that we go over what we recorded during the day 3-5 times during our sleep that night. But this is the really exciting part – what we did in our last 30 minutes we replay 15-17 times during the night.
The third time that is very effective is at lunch-time which is kind of like your mid-course correction.
Success TipsI keep my affirmations on small cards in a small flip photo album (along with my goals and pictures of things I want to be, do, have). This goes with me everywhere. So at any time of the day I can flick through it and make sure my thinking and actions are on course.

Affirmations do work, but they take time and belief in their power. If you are just repeating words then your subconscious will take a very long time to get the message. All steps listed above are important, however using emotion and visualisation are critical.
Best of luck and enjoy the process.

The Scale of Consciousness


The Scale of Consciousness was first illustrated by Dr. David Hawkins in his book “Power vs. Force”. He showed that consciousness, and therefore each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies. But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.

One of the most interesting things discovered about energy is that your energetic frequency can affect the energetic frequencies of those around you. For example, one person operating at a level of 500, which is Love, can lift 750,000 other people to the level above 200.

Further supporting evidence, done by many other researchers and Universities, shows that it’s not just other people you can affect with your vibration… but also other objects and even your reality!

The Law of Receiving

Sadiyya Patel

The Law Of Receiving is fourth of the 11 Forgotten Laws. The 11 Forgotten Laws are 11 Universal Laws that need to be integrated into our lives in order to succeed. The Law Of Attraction is one of these Universal Laws.

The Law Of Receiving is actually composed of 2 parts – Giving Freely & Being open to receiving the blessings that will come your way through unselfish giving. The Law Of Receiving states that in order to receive we must be willing to give. This applies to every area of our lives, not just money.

Most people work with The Law Of Receiving in reverse. They say “After I get, then I will give.” But The Law Of Receiving doesn’t work that way. We need to give first, and then we will start to receive.

But we need to give in a specific manner in order for us to get the best returns. When we give away our time, effort and money to help others, we must ensure that we give to deserving candidates. Only help those who are prepared to help themselves, not to parasites or loafers.

Giving also needs to be done in an organized manner, rather than haphazardly or sporadically. For example, you may give away 10% of your monthly income to the charity of your choice. The important thing is not the percentage, but that the you give regularly and systematically.

Another area of our lives where we can apply The Law Of Receiving is in our business lives. We need to focus on giving our clients and customers something of value in the services and products that we provide. If we keep the question “How can I provide the best value to my customers/clients/members of my list?” then money will take care of itself.

Once you give, then you need to be prepare yourself to receive. This shows your faith, strengthens your expectation and removes doubt and fear. The first area of our lives that we need to let go of is with our goals and dreams. Have you ever heard the expression “Let go & let God?” This means that you have to do what you can to work toward your goal or dream and then completely release any anxiety about the outcome. Let God take over and give you the favorable outcome that you want. Just as you relax and trust that the food will soon arrive once you have placed an order at a restaurant, relax and trust God to help you to achieve your heartfelt desires.

Prepare yourself to receive by making yourself receptive. You can show your active faith by preparing yourself to receive your goal. Let’s say, for example, you want a particular house. You’ve done what you can to get it, but the outcome is still uncertain. Start preparing to receive it by starting to pack up your belongings to move or buying certain items for the new home. These steps will help to renew your faith and trust that what you want will surely arrive.

Magnetism: The Power of Attraction

Magnetism: The Power of Attraction

By Paramahansa Yogananda

Magnetism is the power by which you draw things to you: the right husband or wife, the right business, the right friends, and so on. Magnetism of every kind originates in the Infinite Spirit. A bundle of magnets Each human being is a medium through which God’s magnetism flows. All parts of the body that come in pairs–eyes, ears, hands, feet, etc.–form magnets of greater or lesser power. Soul magnetism is expressed through the eyes, weakly or strongly, depending on one’s spiritual development. Some highly developed people are able to spiritualize or heal others solely by the magnetism of their eyes. First develop spiritual magnetism Unless your magnetism is right, you will draw the wrong people or things. Fear, for example, creates a malignant magnetism by which a person attracts the very object of his fear. The magnetism of humility, on the other hand, attracts the all-protecting presence of friends, saints, and God. If you use all your magnetism to gain material things, sooner or later you will be disillusioned. But if you first develop spiritual magnetism, it will guide you in the proper ways to supply your material needs. Strong and weak magnetism Everyone possesses the power of magnetism, but very few people are truly magnetic. Negative qualities such as material desire, passivity, revenge, hatred, and feelings of inferiority obstruct that magnetic power. If you are absent-minded, thinking one thing while doing something else, your energy is divided and you have little magnetism. Doing everything with will power and one-pointed concentration greatly strengthens your magnetism. If you are a slave to any of the senses, you are losing magnetism. If you have control over them, you are developing magnetism. Emotionalism is very de-magnetizing, whereas even-mindedness in the face of all difficulties leads to magnetic living. In order to have magnetism, it is necessary to keep the body free from poisons that obstruct the flow of energy. Only with inner cleanliness can all of your energy be displayed through your eyes, face and body. We exchange magnetism with our associates We must be careful with whom we associate because we are continually exchanging magnetism with people through our thoughts, shaking hands, and our eyes. We become like the people we mingle with, not through their conversation, but through the silent magnetic vibration that goes out of their bodies. The stronger person gives his vibration to the weaker. For example, if a reformer of weak character endeavors to influence a confirmed evildoer, it is quite likely that the reformer will draw evil qualities. Only in a very limited way will the evildoer draw good qualities.(See Developing the Right Kind of Magnetism, below) The right kind of magnetism “The right kind of magnetic power has expanding, uplifting, spiritual qualities. Some people are so magnetic that they vibrate kindness and you love them immediately. This is the sort of magnetic power we should try to develop.” “Try always to be dressed in the magnetic qualities of calmness, fair-mindedness, firmness, wisdom, and understanding. Wherever you go, scatter kindness; let your eyes and heart be charged with God. That is what Jesus meant when He said: “Be ye fishers of men.” One can develop spiritual magnetism through will power, regular meditation, and thinking of God and saintly people. By visualizing and meditating on saintly people, one attracts their spiritual magnetism. Use your time to develop spiritual magnetism to attract the Imperishable. When you have developed the power to attract the highest, you can easily attract all lesser things. Developing the Right Kind of Magnetism

 * One strongly good individual plus one weak evil individual–the good magnetism will be predominant.

* A strong spiritual power plus a strong business success results in both a strong spiritual magnetism and a strong business magnetism.

* A strong failure plus a strong success can result in either a strong failure magnetism or a strong success magnetism.

 * A person of great calmness plus a person with a slightly angry disposition–the magnetism of calmness will be predominant.

* A strong intellectual power plus a weak intellect–the strong intellectual power will be predominant. Author’s Bio