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Distant Healing to Remove Entities


Q)Can an exorcism be done remotely or does the healer need to be physically present with the subject?

A) Our answer below is based on a real life experience.  Again, as a reminder, majority of our work at Qudra Healing entails dream work. The possible reason for energy to take form through dreams is due to the conservative ideological climate of our region. Our work is to create awareness, break false notions and raise the overall  vibrational frequency.

Jinn is the Arabic term for entity or spirit. They are invisible to the majority yet can be heard by humans.  Our response is based on a recent case which confirms the possibility of distant exorcism after a female seeker at QH reported instances of entities bothering her and creating disharmony in her daily routine and home.

QH-One day while I was meditating, this particular seeker came to mind and I decided to send her healing energy for her situation as per request. During the process, I randomly found myself moving my hands in different directions as if ‘doing something’. I felt as if I was actually removing, rounding up entities and tying them up. My imagination soared leading me to cow girl era and I questioned my experience which had incidentally occurred  during a previous distant healing session with another client.  After completion, I wanted to let the seeker know that I had simply sent out healing energy and things will be fine, of course leaving out the hand gesture details. However, it slipped my mind altogether, and I never got around telling her. Then, either the next day or day after, a text came in from the same seeker stating the following,


Seeker-“I hope you are going good. I just got up from my sleep and saw a dream of you and I.. a very powerful dream…I will tell you briefly then inshAllah will ring you and talk to you. Today,  I saw that I am in your bedroom, green bed covers and green curtains…You are talking to me, and calm me, then you keep your hands on my forehead , your hands started getting warm..then something inside me begin to scream…I am screaming from outside too… you have your hands on my forehead, till it ends, it was like something was coming out from my body…then I was fine..I was just worried about you in the dream, whether it was normal for you to witness such a thing…you told me you are okay with it, had done things similar to this …I guess my case was little different …After that I am talking to my mom and sister and  told  them what happened. In the dream when I saw the green curtains (in your room )I began to think in the dream….sunnah colours….”


In summary, it is our belief that  distant exorcism and or removal of negative entities is just as potent, safe and doable as hands on healing. Additionally, applying the technique requires shielding and it is wise to receive training by authorized practitioners.


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