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Dream of Arabian Kings in Mystical Poetry Recital

The following is a dream I saw of you on June 10, 2013:

Seated beneath a starry night sky in a vast desert with a colossal gathering, I saw you in Royal Arabian attire reciting poetry to an audience. You wore a silken Bedouin attire and held a golden pearl-studded wine goblet with which you drank from.

I sat and listened to you recite among the audience. We were mesmerized by the recital; which was full of mystical rhythm and flavour..it’s hard to describe the feeling, but I felt as if we were all in a trance. The ambiance was superb. A pitch black starry sky and we all sat beneath with dim candle lights… In this intriguing gathering, I noted there were three important personalities; The famed Kings of Arabia: H.R.H. King Khalid, Faisal and Abdullah. They too, as if in trance, cheered you on. I saw King Faisal rise and approach you with a trophy like reward or gift. You received it with grace and poise. I recall you being very composed and regal throughout and post recital. This dream carried on throughout the night until I awoke. I felt the serenity. After arising from sleep, I felt it a must to contact you and share this. ”WOW!!” is all I have to say and it was very therapeutic listening to you! (Fatiha)


Navida Burney


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