Qudra Healing

Dream of Canadian Seeker Reports Interaction with Elite Alien Entities


Inner Awakening

We were sitting in a lovely park together with a few new friends. I was astonished to see a group of elite aliens passing by us. I got up at once and went closer to see their faces. Their energy was next level and seemed to be very highly refined and very advance in their knowledge and understanding of our world. They sensed my presence and I felt their radiating love for me in my heart. They had a glowing light and a beautiful energy field around them. I watched as they left for their carriage and as they entered it became a space ship and the group disappeared in a blink of an eye. I went back to ask the special friend who I was sitting with what she experienced and she said that they communicated to her that they have great admiration for me and feel that I am a very special light worker. And they come in peace and help out those who are sincere and have faith…..I saw you and you were sitting peacefully amongst us and were fully aware of it all.

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