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People Emit Measurable Energy Beams from Their Eyes

 Have you ever stared at the back of someone’s head only to have that person to turn around and look at you? People can shoot energy beams out of their eyes that others can feel. Brainwaves in the 1–40 Hertz, 1–10 microvolt range are emitted through the eye and can be measured using a high-impedance electrode housed inside electromagnetically insulated goggles, according to psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross, M.D. In his research, Dr. Ross has discovered proof that the eye emits electromagnetic energy which he calls an “eyebeam” or “human ocular extramission.” Ross has developed a device to detect that energy, called an Electromagnetic Beam Detection System which is detailed in U.S. Patent Application 20090046246. The sense of being stared at is the basis of evil eye beliefs, which are regarded as superstitions because the emission of any form of energy from the human eye has been rejected by Western science. The “human ocular extramission,” is physiologically active and has distinct electrophysiological properties from simultaneous brainwave recordings over the forehead. Western science’s rejection of evil eye beliefs may be based on an erroneous rejection of a widespread component of human consciousness, the sense of being stared at, which may in turn be based on a real electrophysiological signal, writes Ross in an article in the April 4, 2010 edition of Anthropology of Consciousness. According to Ross, human ocular extramission can be detected at short range in an electromagnetically insulated environment using a high-impedance electrode. The results of the recordings demonstrate that an electromagnetic signal emerges from the eyes, and that in some frequency ranges it has greater amplitude than the field emerging through the skull, which is consistent with the Ross’ hypothesis. Human ocular extramission may be one example of a general electromagnetic field emitted from the heart, abdominal plexes, other body locations, and the body as a whole. According to the theory of human energy fields, reductionist biological models of the brain–mind field should be replaced with a telecommunications model, because a telecommunications model generates a wide range of testable hypotheses that are not possible within a bioreductionist model. For instance, it is possible that a medicine man may emit a focused electromagnetic signal during a fertility ritual that actually increases the germination rate of seeds in a field. This is a testable scientific hypothesis because an electromagnetic gun that mimics the emission of the medicine man could be used to affect germination rates in a hydroponic garden. A wide range of beliefs in spirits could provide us subjective, culturally transformed testimony concerning the interaction of human beings with electromagnetic fields in the environment. The entire biosphere is built on the interaction of organisms with extremely weak natural electromagnetic signals—for example, the synthesis of chlorophyll by plants requires that the plant capture photons and harness their energy to drive biological processes. Similarly, human beings capture photons in order to synthesize vitamin D. Photons in the visible range are only a tiny subset of the sea of electromagnetic information in which all life forms have evolved for a billion years. Ross writes that we should listen for the testable theories of electromagnetic field interactions hidden in a wide range of rituals, beliefs, experiences, and practices. The theory of human energy fields leads to a wide range of studies that marry anthropology and electrophysiology. The electrophysiological basis of evil eye belief is but one example of the general theory. Ross has been researching a new science and medicine focused on the human body’s electromagnetic field, which are detailed in his book, Human Energy Fields. “The experimental proof of the reality of the human eyebeam is crucial in developing the science of human energy fields,” says Dr. Ross. “The existence of the human eyebeam has been dismissed by psychologists, physiologists, physicists and virtually all modern scientists. This represents a big step forward.” The invention provides for a Line of Sight (LOS) electromagnetic beam (EM) detection system configured with an enclosure, a detection device, a processing device, a storage device, and a communication device. The enclosure may or may not be electromagnetically shielded from the surrounding environment. The enclosure may contain one or more detection devices and one or more portals configured for a user to look through. The detection devices may be a non-contacting, active-dry electroencephalogram (EEG) electrode or a high input impedance EEG electrode. The processing device may be a specifically programmed general purpose computer. The communication device may be auditory and/or visual. The storage device may store signals from the detection device for later analysis and statistical manipulation. In some embodiments, the LOS detection system may be used as a switch responding to interaction with a LOS beam emanating from an ocular cavity. Ross has proposed a series of future studies designed to determine whether human ocular extramission is the basis of evil eye beliefs.

Sources and contacts: Colin Andrew Ross www.rossinst.com/index.htmlThe Ross Institute, Richardson, TX

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