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“The words you speak become the house you live in.” -Hafiz


The Three Aspects of Conscious Creation: There are essentially three aspects that form the basics of conscious creation. The first is that the Universe is Mental, the second is that everything is vibrating energy and the third is that thought creates. This knowledge has been passed down to us through the oldest of mystical teachings and is as relevant today as it was thousands of years go and will continue to be so eternally.

1. The Universe is Mental: The first aspect of the conscious creation process is also the first of the seven Hermetic Universal Laws. It tells us that the Universe is Mental. This means that all things in the physical realm have their origin in the invisible mental realm. There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe – all powerful, all knowing, all creative and present everywhere at the same time – the Universal Mind. Since It is Omnipresent it stands to reason that your mind must be part of It and “the same in kind and quality, the only difference being one of degree” as Charles Haanel said.

2. Everything is Energy: The second aspect of conscious creation is that everything in the Universe, including everything in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, every human being, every planet, star and galaxy, everything seen and unseen – EVERYTHING – is energy. Whatever you see in your physical world is simply energy vibrating at varying frequencies that your five senses interpret as something solid or tangible.

Two more Hermetic Universal Laws are relevant here. The Law of Polarity that tells us that energy and matter may appear to be opposites but are in fact varying degrees of the same thing (i.e. energy); and the Law of Vibration that tells us that everything is in constant motion, that everything is vibrating. Since all is energy, one can conclude that mind is energy but we already knew that from the first aspect. William Walker Atkinson told us that “where mind is static [potential] energy, thought is dynamic energy – two phases of the same thing”.

3. Thought is Creative: The third aspect of the conscious creation process is that thought creates. At the back of everything that you directly experience in your physical world, seen or unseen, is thought. Whether you do so consciously or not, you create your reality through the power of your thoughts. Thought is Mind (energy) in action.

Thomas Troward, the renowned English judge and 1904 author of The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, expressed thought’s creative power most eloquently when he said, “the action of Mind [thought] plants that nucleus which, if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually attract to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in outward visible form.” This brings another two Universal Laws into play, specifically the Law of Cause (thought) and Effect (physical manifestation) and the closely related Law of Attraction, whereby that which is created is attracted to its original source (the thinker).

In a nutshell, conscious creation is a process whereby the conscious concentration of thought on a specific thing or outcome in the mental realm, gives rise to the manifestation of its corresponding physical manifestation in the physical realm. It is thought power that transmutes energy in its potential state (mind) into energy in its physical state (matter). Remember that the universe is mental, all is energy and that thoughts give you the power to consciously create your reality. Time bridges the gap between the mental realm of your thoughts and the physical realm of their manifestation. All you need is patience, persistence and perseverance and that which you focus upon with concentrated thought will, if left uninterrupted, materialize in your physical world.

Source: Tania Kotos


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