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Healing and Animals


Healing and Animals

Dr Silvia Hartmann

A Young Shepard

Healing animals – this can be read two ways, and both are equally important to a person who is drawn to animals, as a part of their path and spiritual development. We meet animals who have the power to give us healing, and these become healing animals for us; and then there comes a time when we want to give back, in fact are now healed enough to have something to give again, and at that point, many are drawn to healing animals themselves.

Animals are the link between us human beings, who have in many ways become painfully detached from the great creative order by our ways and mistakes, and the thinking and doing we do, and all the rest of the Universe.

Animals can become the messenger and pathway back to nature, back to the entire world that exists outside of people doings, and where God awaits, if you want to put it like that.

The very purity of animals who do not lie, steal, plot or doubt themselves or others is an antidote, a mirror to where we human beings are going wrong. The animals are a cure and pathway out of loneliness and disconnection; they give us much needed energy and very importantly, give us somewhere to put our energy, the love we have to give, the care taking and compassion which every person has but no-one asks them for it, and if they offer it to other human beings, it is usually rejected.

So in this very simple, structural way of pure giving and receiving energy exchanges, animals provide us with a bitterly needed service to get some flow back into our energy systems that have become encapsulated as we try and keep away from our human neighbors, have become suspicious of strangers and walk through our cities with our heads down and our energy systems pulled in tight.

In even aiming towards becoming a healer, and giving now instead of only taking all the time, we take a MASSIVE step of evolution in the direction of a fully functional, powerful human being that can protect, and heal the animals in their environment, and further out, the animals that they become aware of on the wider levels.

The suffering of animals because of human intervention across time and space is vast, and it would be impossible for a person in the Hard to make any impact on that that would be noticeable.

In the energy realms however, where all time is one, and a single thought can move a mountain, we can do SO MUCH, and we can make wonderful changes simply by the power of intention which is powered by our heartfelt desire to bring healing and protection to the animals – to a whole species, to all animals past, present and future, or just a single individual who has suffered at the hands of man.




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