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Healing Effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamp


Popularly known as white gold, Himalayan Salt has been around for millions of years and match  84  types of minerals and elements found in the human body.  Among the multiple health benefits of this pure salt, claims that the negative salt ions released by heating can boost blood flow, improve sleep, increase levels of serotonin in the brain, and calm allergy or asthma symptoms. These negative ions are said to neutralize electromagnetic radiation from household electronics, and even prevents the build-up of static electricity.

While in search of crystals in Jeddah, I was brought to the home of a female healer who had the Himalayan salt lamp. At that moment, I instantly recalled desiring to bring one back from abroad yet resisted due to the weight and  voltage. Voila, I stumbled upon the magnificent lamp before me and came to know her husband is a distributor of the same.

All the benefits associated with the Himalayan salt lamp, seem too good to be true. It’s too early at this point for me to affirm all claims yet to date I have felt a dramatic  effect  on my inner space.  It actually feels like an ancient consciousness present in my space through its serene natural colors and when lit, creates a magnetic luminous glow.

Interesting Facts 

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt available on this planet. It was formed about 250 million years ago where the energy of the sun has dried up the original, primal sea. This crystal salt is absolutely pristine and natural, identical in composition to the ancient primal ocean. It contains all the elements found in our bodies. This special salt is only waiting for the moment to have its inherent stored energy and its bio-photon content set free, by adding water to it. Such crystalline brine is a pure ocean of energy.This Natural Crystal Salt has been exposed to enormous pressure for millions of years. This pressure was the cause of the formation of this crystal salt. The higher the compression, the more perfect its crystalline structure, and its inherent information/energy, giving these rock crystals beautiful geometric structure.

Crystal salt floats in transparent, whitish, pinkish or reddish shiny veins in the salt mountain and crystallizes in areas where sufficient pressure was available to form this perfect crystalline structure. The more transparent and colorless the crystals are, the higher their purity. The more geometrically perfect the cube shaped crystal is, the higher is the information and energetic content. Compare its structure to a diamond.

In this crystal salt, the elements are available in such tiny particles (colloidal size) that they can be easily absorbed by the human cells and metabolized. Crystal Salt was once called “King Salt” because it was reserved for Royalty. Common Citizens only got Rock Salt.

World’s Highest Elemental Content With 84 Of The Nutritional Elements We Need Daily

Pure, Unpolluted, Without Environmental Impact – From a time when the Earth was pristine.

Contains no impurities from environmental pollution.


For Offices and Computer Users

The negative ions produced help combat the radiation produced by modern computer screens.

Smoking Areas

A few lamps around a smoking area will clear away odor  much  faster.

In House

Using lamps in bedrooms, living rooms hallways or elsewhere you want to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere and it can serve as a night-light and improve nighttime breathing.

Childrens Room

The lamps make a wonderful night light. Their warm glow has a calming effect on children and the natural salt lamps help clean the air and stop the spread of molds and bacteria.

 The Healing Effects of Salt

For thousands of years salt has been known as a panacea. Alchemists called it “the fifth element” –besides water, earth, air and fire- because its qualities were comparable only to ether, the actual fifth element. Why are we so drawn to the ocean? Because our subconscious mind instinctively wants to return to the specific vibrational state of the ocean from which we once emerged. This is where we can return to recharge our batteries and regenerate. It was only one hundred years ago with the advent of industrialization, that we initiated our disconnection from nature and her ways. Fortunately, we are witnessing a trend to return back to natural, holistic methods for living and caring for our body, including a shift back to utilizing natural salts in this process. People everywhere are reconsidering the healing effects of natural crystal salt. We can find it in skin care lotions, for use as bath salts and is even used in inhalation or cleansing treatments for illnesses of the respiratory system and for a variety of other indications.

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