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Healing Event: September 30, 2012 GCI

Global Coherence Initiative’s September 30, 2012 full moon (03:19 GMT/UTC) synchronized Care Focus.

One of the goals of GCI is to observe the emotional energetics on the planet. Each year, from around the autumnal equinox and into the New Year, new energies come into the planet, amplifying the emotional systems of people.

This year, the rapidly increasing vibratory rate of the Planetary Shift will be magnifying the fall energies. This full moon is a good time to prepare for the fall energies by increasing our heart frequencies of tolerance and patience with ourselves and with others.

Tolerance and patience are powerful heart frequencies of love that are building blocks of inner and outer peace. They radiate into the field environment and can help calm erratic emotional energies; this draws to us the wisdom and intelligence of what to do that serves the highest best of all concerned.

For this full moon Care Focus, breathe in love from Universal Source and breathe out tolerance, patience and ease through your emotional system and into the planetary field environment for a few minutes. Visualize people of all nations having more tolerance and patience; this magnetizes practical solutions that are best for the whole.

When faced with a personal challenge, commit to breathing tolerance, patience and ease, while asking your heart intelligence for intuitive guidance. As we activate these powerful heart frequencies, the fall energies can amplify intuitive access to our personal next steps in our empowerment process, making us more effective emissaries for change and collective consciousness transformation…

Now hold in your heart space, love and compassion for the pain points throughout the planet. Your heart will direct you where to send your compassionate care.

Realize that the news can be a helpful indicator of global pain points and where to send heart, yet we have to be mindful not to over-identify with news, as this restricts our own spirit and reduces the effectiveness of our intentions to facilitate the whole…

Now let’s complete the Care Focus by holding the vision of increased peace and heart-centered global co-operation.

After 7 minutes

You can continue to do the Care Focus in the Global Care Room, if convenient, after the full moon period, as this will help raise the vibratory rate of the field environment.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

The GCI Steering Committee and Staff


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Key Organizers (K.S.A Region):
Shems Tebrez Khanum, Zainaba Trust, Nafeesa Saaqiah, Rumiana Ali

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