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How Sound and Colour Relate to Your Body

How Sound and Colour Relate to Your Body


By Cheryl

Sound is made up of vibrational frequencies and Colour is light that is vibrating at different frequencies.  Therefore, that too is linked to sound.  Crystals, whether they are coloured or clear, resonate to both sound and colour frequencies, therefore, they too are linked to sound.

Sound vibrations can release a chemical called melatonin that creates a luminescent light from the fontanel.  It is the melatonin that gives an impression of a halo around the head.  Melatonin seems to respond to sound and light (colour) frequencies.

Sound works on a cellular level by means of waveforms.  These waveforms are patterns of energy which are normally invisible to the naked eye and can be measured on scientific apparatus in the form of assorted lines – wavy, straight, staggered or broken.  Sound wave-forms can be measured  in wavelengths of speed ranging from very slow frequencies to very fast.  For instance, red can be measured as being slow in waveform, whereas blue can be measured as being fast!

Sound can penetrate the body by entering every cell as vibrational frequency.  Cells are constantly produced and form the basic make-up of the human body.  Every cell contains a nucleus and protoplasm, the essential building material of the human body.  If the body is out of balance then it is because the cells are not healthy or not being developed efficiently.  Each cell divides through it’s own natural regeneration to build up tissue within the body.  This in turn all takes efficient vibratory movement within the body.  A pure note or sound frequency produces vibratory waveforms of energy that can help develop healthy cells.  A pure note or sound can be measured on  most chromatic tuners that measure each note as being in perfect tune or perfect pitch.  The waveforms or patterns from sound penetrate the body and help put back the balance and harmony with vibratory movement.  If healthy cells are being developed then a healthy mind, body and spirit are being developed as well.

Every virus or disease (dis-ease) vibrates at a frequency that is unfamiliar to the physical body.  This is why we feel ill and out of balance.  The body tells us when we are not vibrating at the current frequency or wavelength.  Pure sound frequencies are not unfamiliar to the physical body and pure sound can help to re-balance each cell that has been put out of balance.  Pure sound does this by re-programming each cell.

Frequencies of the physical body can be measured in KHz (kilohertz).  So when cells have been re-balanced or re-programmed they vibrate at a frequency that can be measured between 140 and 180 KHz.  This is a healthy vibratory rate.  People with dis-ease or imbalances emit wavelengths much higher in frequency, some reaching 400 to 500 KHz.  This represents a vibratory imbalance.

Sound therapy can help to re-balance the chakra system as well as the auric field. which surrounds the physical body.  Each chakra vibrates at a different colour frequency and each chakra vibrates at different sound frequency. 

Sound is one of the most powerful healing tools that we have.  It is often felt by each individual in an area where it is needed.  Like colour, sound can be used and felt in different ways.   Music can be healing but what about sound itself?  Sound can be created from crystal bowls.  Crystal bowls come in various sizes and different sizes create different notes. A specialist in this field will know which note is needed to play.  As well as crystal bowls, tuning forks can be purchased in different notes.

Everything around us is made up of vibrational frequencies whether natural or man-made.  Therefore, everything is linked to sound.  Everything vibrates at a frequency that creates its own sound, most of which cannot be picked up by the human ear.  It is the speed of the vibration that holds things together or gives the impression that they are of solid form.

Sound can vibrate on a positive or negative frequency.  Music to one person’s ears may not be music to another’s.  It depends on an individual’s needs at any given time.  Positive and negative sound vibration is everywhere.  Positive and negative sound vibration even goes out from the Earth to the Universe.  It is in the Universe where all energies are balanced, including sound.  It has been proven by scientific means that each planet within our own solar system is vibrating and emitting a different sound wavelength, sounds which we could not perceive with the human ear in some cases. 


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