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How to Choose a Healer

Excerpts from, How to Choose a Healer by Lauralyn Harter

How to Choose a Healer

By Lauralyn Harter,

Choosing a healer is a very personal experience. A negative experience can turn you off from further healing, while a positive experience can help you heal in miraculous ways. Here are some tips for choosing a healer that’s right for you.

Difficulty: Easy



Female healers on the rise

Things You’ll Need:

  • Intuition
  • Awareness
  • Questions to ask
  • Things to look out for
  • Clarity on your needs and goals
  1. 1

Word-of-mouth. Referrals from people you know who have been to a healer with rave reviews is one of the best ways to find a good healer. You get to ask the person detailed questions about their experience, which prepares you for the style and method in which the healer works.

  1. 2

Magazine/internet ads. It’s really important to connect to your intuition when looking at ads. Don’t let pretty ads mask the real energy that is resonating from the healer. If there is a photo in the ad, ask yourself, is this someone who looks kind? Do they look compassionate? Do I think I will feel comfortable working with them?

  1. 3

Check out the healer’s website and read it thoroughly. Read any testimonials to see how other people have been helped. Read the healer’s personal story, if they have one. A healer who has healed themselves and “walks the walk” is ideal because they have the empathy, compassion and wisdom that strengthens their healing ability.

  1. 4

The healer’s energy is WAY more important than the healer’s credentials. While you do want to find someone who has training in their expertise and experience, it’s just as important that you’re comfortable working with them. All the degrees in the world are of little help if you don’t feel you can connect to your healer because ultimately YOU are the one who does the healing. The healer is a guide.

  1. 5

Identify if the healer’s ego is present. Does the healer say “I” a lot? i.e. “I healed this person,” “I clear the energy,” “I remove the blocks,” “I release your toxins.” Listen instead to if the healer says, “Reiki healed this person,” “The Angels clear the energy,” “We work together,” etc. A humble healer works from the heart, not the mind.

  1. 6

Determine what your goals are before you call the healer. When you call the healer, be very specific in letting them know what your healing goal is. For example, tell them, “I want to quit smoking. How can you help me?” If what the healer says makes sense to you and you feel inspired and motivated after hearing about their practice, go for it!

  1. 7

Is the healer organized? Healers are notorious for being unorganized when it comes to the business side of their practice. In order to maintain healthy boundaries and feel safe with your healer, it is important that they maintain a professional practice. This includes providing receipts if necessary, keeping track of payments, ending and starting sessions on time, and the healer’s ability to focus and ground during the healing. While no one is perfect, the overall practice should feel professional and the rules of what to expect should be clear.

  1. 8

Does the healer support you or do you feel judged or not good enough? A healer who is working through ego may feel the need to defend or project their own insecurities outward if they believe your healing is “proof” that they are a “real” healer. If a healer ever tries to blame or judge you for how you feel, what you’ve done, who you are or blames you for why your healing goal hasn’t been reached, walk away and don’t go back!

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