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I’m Not Sick, So Why Do I Need Healing?

Here is a simple way to understand a misunderstood aspect of ‘healing’.

Okay, so maybe its more like transformation but what it comes down to is moving from point A to point B. When someone is healing they are moving from the ailment place to the healing place. The same is true for someone who is “feeling okay” but knows there needs to be a change. They feel the desire to move from where they are to somewhere else. Movement is the key here. It connotes change and change is what The Healing Place is all about. When you make changes from your heart, from the inside as you do with energy healing your environment will change too. It has to, because whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly creating your environment.

So again you may ask, “Why do I need healing if I don’t feel sick?”. The answer is to make a stronger connection to YOU. Energy work is the shortest distance to connecting to yourself.  Whether we know it or not, most of us are in search for our true self, our life’s calling, and becoming one with our mind, heart, body and spirit, thus, energy work, attunemnents and the path to self discovery aims to help one connect to one’s self.

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