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Imam Ali Appears to Seeker in Jeddah

A particular book highlighting the virtues of Imam Ali  and the rise of  Mahdi from the teachings of Spiritual Master Shaikh Nazim seemed to have a particular effect on one of our sisters. She shared her account of the following dream seen on the 21st of Ramadan when we met in person. This day is also synonymous  for the martyrdom of Imam Ali,

Dream 1

I am at masjid Ali ( i never knew that there is masjid Ali) but outside, i yearn to meet Hazrat Ali. My heart cries to meet him. It seems when one will be called on the roof then you can meet him. I wait for my chance and someone tells me that i can go. I get ready with my niqab on and then i am taken on the top. I see many souls up there, they are all wearing white and one of them is telling me, ” It is not so easy to meet Hazrat AS”.


Dream 2

I am in an auditorium, Sheikh Hisham Kabbani comes on the stage. I am far behind in the audience. I want to talk to him, he is looking at me. I speak to him through my mind and i say, ” please give me your fourth son’s hand in my hand” ( in my dream i am single) There is a big book between us, which has a list, from no. 1 to 3- it has been taken by three ladies and the 4 th one i wanted. It said something which i didnt understand, i read only half the word, “Tabbara..I wake up from my sleep and i realise in was sleeping straight ..then i turn on to my right and again i see a dream…i see Hazrat Ali standing. So tall and so big..that my vision cant capture the image. I could only see him from his chin till his waist..and reddish orange light was coming out of him.


Prior to the reported dream, we can personally confirm the impact of this book  written by Sayyid Amirruddin, who was a spiritual deputy of Shaikh Nazim between 2002-2104 and  currently a mureed of Shaikh Mehmet the son and successor to Shaikh Nazim.

Of course, we are discussing the energy of  written words, the  source of transmission and its impact on the seeker’s heart.




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