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Introduction to Astral Projections

What Are Astral Projections?

by Astral Projection Team

We found this great article on Psychic Test. If offers some great insights in what Astral Projection really is and what it is like. We know, it explains mostly the basics that more experience readers have already mastered, but it’s nevertheless useful and informative material.

Astral projections are a powerful psychic tool, used only by psychics who have practiced for long periods of time, and have honed their skills well. Astral projections include both physical and emotional experiences, often also referred to as the ‘out of body experiences’. Astral projections are the first step to achieving mental telepathy as well as psychokinesis. With the help of these skills, you would be able to move objects around simply with the help of your mental powers.

Out of Body Experience

A lot of people experience such life altering events that are classified asout of body experiences. It may seem to you as if you had stepped out of your body and moved to a different plane. You may feel as if you are flying or moving through space. Such an experience may happen when you are sleeping. They may also occur when you are wide awake, in a trance or in a shock. Astral projections are another name for such out of body experiences.

Theories of Astral Projections

There is no tangible way to measure what goes through when you are experiencing astral projections. A lot of experts feel that there is a kind of energy that leaves the body and moves out to go somewhere else. This energy could visit a place in the same universe, or in a different dimension. There is no way of knowing where the projection may occur. It could be in the past, or in the future. Astral projections are often practiced to give readings to men and women who need them. While astral projections can often be life altering, they are not of much use when it comes to readings. A psychic can help a client come into a state of trance, where astral projections may occur.


What Does Astral Projection Feel Like?

Astral projections may be both physical and mental.Though most people experience only one at a time, some may experience both simultaneously. If you experience a physical transportation from your body, all your senses experience it. You may experience a change in temperature, different smells and sights, and even hear certain sounds.

However, if you are not grounded completely, such an experience can be really stressful.

A mental outer body experience is simply a fleeting feeling, and you would not experience all the sensations that you would have felt in a physical outer body experience. Your outer body experience may bring in a different form of wisdom, along with a deep insight and changed visions.

Types of Astral Projections

There are several different types of astral projections. Most common of these is the spontaneous outer body experience. This type of an experience comes without any warning. You know that you are experiencing an astral projection only when it actually happens. The second kind is the planned out of body experience, which is performed in a planned manner, with the help of a coach or a guide. This kind of travel is very exerting and it may take months for you to prepare your mind and body to take on such a challenge.


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