Qudra Healing

Ja’far al Sadiq Speaks about Vibrational Energy

It was over 1,250 years ago that Muslim scholar, jurisprudent, scientist and teacher, Ja’far al-Sadiq said, “There are some lights which, if thrown from a sick person to a healthy person, can possibly make that healthy person sick” (The Minister p.5). However, it has only been recently that modern science has had the ability to understand how this can happen. Considered a “new” field in modern medicine, vibrational healing aims to heal illnesses by working with these subtle human energy fields that affect us beyond the physical level (Sharanananda, p.2). In fact, the vibrational energies of the body are so strong that scientists have theorized that disease within the physical body actually occurs at the cellular and bimolecular levels. In this scenario, healing extends from the bimolecular level to the cellular and finally, to the anatomical. This is because the bimolecular properties of the physical body are based on vibration. The vibration of the life-force, which we receive through our five senses, possess electromagnetic properties. Mitogenic energy (mitosis) is generated in the form of electromagnetic energy, which creates the energy of light (ethereal fluid) that surrounds each cell (Gurudas, p.56). (Tahir Mehmood)

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