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Khidr The Green Immortal Guide

Khidr-The (Green) Immortal Guide also said to be a Prophet or Waali (saint) known to help, guide and reach seekers of The Way.

Ibn ‘Arabi was above all the disciple of Khidr {an invisible master}. . . such a relationship with a hidden spiritual master lends the disciple an essentially “transhistorical” dimension and presupposes an ability to experience events which are enacted in a reality other than the physical reality of daily life, events which spontaneously transmute themselves into symbols.

A Gift-
Our close spiritual companion, Sayyidah Sumaya Amba, a year or so, prior to her passing from this abode said, “I have something something to give you.. It is sacred, special and do not ask where I got it from.” As she gave me the sacred relic, I asked, what is it? She said, “It is from Khidr; the Green Guide.” I received it in silence and questioned not the Sayyidah. Below is the image of the small green strip of cut cloth gifted from Sumaya.
Spiritually delusional? Had it not been for my positive personal experience with Sumaya, I may of doubted its authenticity. However, I choose to receive with grace and gratitude that what comes my way. On a side note, one of my teachers has had multiple encounters with Khidr. HU
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