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On Self Love by Louise Hay

By Saira M

Fashion Designer, Artist and Professional Etiquette Trainer and Coach, Saira, shares her summary on a recent subject we covered with seekers: Self Love, by Louise Hay.

As the saying goes “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  Begin with self love. Then love others. To do this, take these steps:

1.) Stop all criticism.
  •  Never criticize yourself again. Accept yourself exactly as you are.
  • Choose thoughts that are nurturing and uplifting.
2.) Don’t scare yourself.
  • Be there for yourself. Stop making mountains out of molehills.
  • No negative thoughts
  • Pick a favorite image and whenever you start having negative thoughts think of that calming peaceful image you love, It could be anything you like.
3.) Be gentle, kind and patient with yourself.
  • Like gardening, what seeds do you need to plant to get what you want in your life?
  • Pluck out the weeds, i.e. negative thoughts.
4.) Be kind to your mind.
  • Self hatred is hating your thoughts. Just change your thoughts.
  • Think thoughts that build you up rather than beat you up.
  • Stop blaming yourself. Only take responsibility. This means making a conscious decision of how to respond to experiences. Thinking well of yourself is kindness. Respond to yourself in this way.
  • Meditate and visualize what you like. This is very important.
5.) Praise yourself.
  • Tell yourself how well you’re doing everything.
  • Allow yourself to accept good.
  • Ask yourself what is your purpose? What are you willing to do to get what you deserve? How much mental effort are you willing to put in, using visualizations, affirmations, etc.
6.) Support yourself
  • Allow people to help you.
  • stop trying to do everything yourself
7.) Be loving to your negatives
  • We all do negative things in our lives
  • We don’t have to be stuck with these negatives. Release these negatives with love. Allow new things to come.
  • You are never wrong. You are always doing your best until you find a better way to deal with the situation.
  • Being angry at ourselves doesn’t help.
  • Use humor as healing.
8.) Take care of your body.
  • It is your house. Love it. Exercise. Watch what you put into it.
  • Part of loving ourselves is feeling our feelings and that’s okay.
  • Take nutrition into your own hands.
  • Do mirror work
Some of Louise Hay’s beliefs: I am safe wherever I am. I have ordered from the “cosmic kitchen’. Everything will come to me at the right time. I’m always learning. We become more of who we are, rather than becoming better people. Let go of whatever doesn’t work for you anymore. All is well in my world. Everything is always for my highest benefit. We should create a set of guidelines that work for us including:
  • Loving ourselves
  • loving others
  • releasing negative thoughts
  • doing everything we can to make ourselves happy.


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