Qudra Healing

Order and Decluttering Raises Spiritual Vibration

Jeddah-A seeker in Jeddah reports the following dream,

Salams. .
A dream I had yesterday just before I woke up..
I’m in a hotel  in Madina ..very basic and simple. .nothing like the extravaganza nowadays.
I’m talking to myself..must call housekeeping staff to come and clean. .we’ve been here so many days and not let them clean..and they r female anyway so doesn’t matter if we r in our rooms..at the same time I’m looking at shower tray-black..and seeing boxes and clutter on it..
I go around in the other rooms to tell the family members that female housekeeping staff will come to clean rooms..yet none of the family members r familiar faces..but in the dream I don’t question that..
Then I open the balcony doors and see the Green Dome.. actually being drawn inside from the glass doors. I’m praying –
‘Sallal laho ala Mohammad Sallal laho alihi Wassalam.
At that stage I wake up.

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