Qudra Healing

Prophetic Glad Tidings for Surah Fath to Qudra Seeker

Fath Helmet
An medieval period Islamic helmet with verses of surah Fath inscribed on it.

Verily, We have given you a manifest victory.

 Jeddah, Arabia-A female seeker in Jeddah asked what to recite for attainment of a specific thing. In response, we prescribed a detailed litany which included the recital of Surah Fath. Days after commencing the prescribed litany, she reported the following,

Assalamualaikum I saw Prophet (PBUH) in my dream last night. I had missed reading surah Al Fath due to my mismanagement of time. In my dream I saw that Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) passed by me and said, “read it”  while someone else was beside me( I do not recall who was beside me). After the Prophet (PBUH) left,  I thought to myself,   read..read what? Surah al Fath?  In the dream Prophet(PBUH) walked away fast and I didn’t get an opportunity to ask what should I read. However, in my heart, I had no answer except surah Al Fath. Thank you dear teacher, my faith in you has increased more.

As a result of the glad tidings of the recital, we then administered this to more seekers upon which another seeker in Jeddah reported the following


In this part of the dream, I wore a pink color prayer tarha (a particular one we have at home) and was meeting/talking with shaykh Hamza Yusuf at our home. It was mentioned to me that there are 2 things. . 

After seeing the dream, I was wondering what the two things were  but, just as in my dream, I didn’t know.
This made me a little nervous, but I instead tried to focus on Surah Mulk that was mentioned and looked up its virtues and short tafseer, perhaps to seek what the dream could have meant. And indeed, came upon a beautiful short video tafseer of the Surah by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan which moved me and answered latent queries of my heart.

Then, during one of my daily recitations of surah Fath as instructed by you, it dawned in my heart that the ‘thing’ that I couldn’t recall from my dream is Surah Fath.


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