Qudra Healing

Prophetic Orders to ‘Walk through Fire’ via Dream

Jan 19, 2013
Note: This dream was shared upon request of the lady who personally saw it and felt it should be shared. It is forbidden in Islam to falsely relate or claim a dream. Prophetic tradition states that satan cannot come in the form of the Prophet (PBUH) in dream.
“After my daytime Makkah trip for special needs kids accompanied by Qudra Healer, I saw the following dream the same night:
A project was in the works and through this project three individuals had reverted back to Islam through Qudra Healer. Among them, a tall man in a grey suit. Upon reverting, he gave a speech and a lady approached him offering him a job (he was unemployed). Then afterwards, I heard the voice of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said in a screaming voice addressing people, ” Didn’t you hear what he (Prophet Mohammed) said, he said, ‘its the satan’s fire, don’t be afraid to go through it, if you believe in me and follow me it will not harm you.’ Thereupon, I saw huge crowds like a sea or ocean of people going through the fire, but as I did not recognize them, I recall myself and the Qudra Healer in the ocean of people walking through the fire safely. The moment we went thru it, the alarm rang and I woke up sobbing.”

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