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Repel Entities and Negative Energy Through 1 Simple Thing

The auric field is affected by a variety of factors. Today we will focus on a common yet undetected area neglected related to females which cause energy leakage, mood disorders and negative energy symptoms. The subject of trimmed nails may seem minuscule yet experience and ancient wisdom tells us otherwise. First and foremost, trimmed nails are hygienic. This in turn, attracts blessings, dissipates anger, dissolves tension in the auric field and keeps negative energies -entities at bay. A number of females suffering from ‘negative energy’ symptoms dramatically experienced improved results due to nail trimming. As a rule, when one becomes a constant carrier of germs, he/she becomes an ideal candidate to attract negative entities which linger, possess or influence individuals. To curb and obstruct the possibility, utmost care in personal and environmental hygiene is must. In our Tao of Islamic Chi course, explicit details are highlighted to keep one’s auric shield intact with emphasis on personal hygiene which includes nail trimming and expounds the Prophetic teachings on”Cleanliness is half of faith”. Moreover, individuals with long nails or artificial nails are viewed as a major concern in many health related issues because of the capability to harbor a wide variety of microorganisms. As many as fourteen microorganisms are found in uncut nails.

Microbe Genera Found Underneath the Fingernails
Bacteria Fungus Yeast
Pseudomonas Trichophyton Candida
Staphylococcus Epidermophyton Rhodotorula
Acinetobacter Acremonium
Enterobacter Aspergillus
Klebsiella Scopulariopsis
Aeromonas Cladosporium
Serratia  .

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