Qudra Healing

Seeker Sees Dream after Twenty Years

I have been hit with severe black majic and there is not a joint in my body that does not pain. By Allah grace I was able to finish my medical degree in the states apart from being heavily affected. You asked me to do istikhara and I can swear I have been unable to see any dreams for over twenty years, but somehow miraculously, I actually saw a dream. I saw you in the dream wearing a scarf telling me something which I can’t remember. I cannot remember the color of scarf. After Allah( jallojallalahu) for me, the most loved and respected are ProphetMohammed, then his Ahlebait, then all the Ashaab and Prophets of Allah.
It is Allah’s mercy that I came in contact with you .
Thanks for helping me.
I worked in muzahmiah hospital nearby riyadh Saudi Arabia long time ago. While there, I did three umrahs and one hajj.
I visited madina 4 times and felt thats the best place in the whole world. I wish I could live and die in that city.
I await your instructions whenever you have a chance.
Thanks a lot. May Allah bless you and Ahlebait.

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