Qudra Healing

Spiritual Cleanse for Heart, Mind and Soul

By Angie Lewis

Immersed in Prayer

Article excerpt:


Often times when we don’t feel well, we cleanse the body for physical health  to prevent surgery, feel good, look younger, and live longer.  What about our  spiritual health? Did you know that if we cleanse the mind of unwanted toxins  our physical health would also improve?

Spiritual cleansing is excellent therapy for negative and destructive  emotions, depression, sadness, drug and alcohol addiction, and all other  addictions that have to do with the mind and attitude.

Rejuvenate the mind everyday with the positive affirmations of prayer.  How  can prayer help? The influence of prayer actually gives us the hope, faith, and  encouragement that our negative feelings have taken from our heart and mind.

Every day we are literally plagued with negative garbage, listening to and  looking at it, to behaving in destructive ways that upset the equilibrium of our  minds.

Have you ever thought that maybe it is all the harmful garbage in the world  that brings on depression, addiction, and bad feelings? If we are under control  of addiction or depression how can we ever recognize the spiritual person within  us?  I know first hand that addiction keeps us far from God. So then how do we  not know that all we need is a spiritual cleanse to free us from the grips of  what is controlling us?

In other words, is it really a chemical imbalance in the brain, like doctors  want us to believe that makes some people depressed or addicted to a substance?  And if it is a chemical imbalance, could it have something to do with  lifestyle/environment — whether it’s through what a person eats and drinks or  other contaminates that are entering their system?

CEO’s and business owners use affirmations in their corporations to keep the  salesmen positive and optimistic. It is a well-known fact that positive minds  sell more products.  So then why couldn’t a positive mind learn to forgive and  love completely too?

Every day prayer not only lets God know that we are genuinely seeking his  spiritual counsel but also makes us feel better about who we are, even when we  are battling with an addiction or just plain old negative feelings.

Applying prayer into our life is the first step to overcoming the negative  aspects of our character and supercharging the positive aspects within us.

The first thing we need to do is to humble our selves to prayer. We need to  remember that we are praying for a reason, a purpose, not necessarily to get  what we want but to get closer to God and become more spiritually aware. How  should we pray?

We can pray anytime of the day and anywhere. We do not have to be in Church  and we do not have to let others hear our personal prayers to God. We are in  control of how, when and what we pray. Prayer begins in the mind and ends in the  heart.  We can pray silently and God hears us.

Prayer involves humbleness and humility.  It entails that we trust that God  is listening to us as we pray and that our prayers we’ll get answered. Prayers  may not get answered in the way you want. Many times prayers are answered in the  way that God knows is best for you, not what you think is best for you.

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