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For the first time ever The Tao of Islamic Chi will be taught by myself live to seekers, initiates and energy work students. The Tao of Islamic Chi is a Qudra Healing Zawiyya preliminary course for all students and serves as a primer to all other fundamental concepts of understanding energy, clearing negativity, creating sacred space, receiving barakah (blessings), activating alignment, removing blocks, being in harmony with Universal Laws and ultimately living a life one consciously creates. 
Considered a life saver for those experiencing chaos and negativity, this course being a byproduct of transmission, was a means for me to get my life in order and catapulting me into the direction of alignment. This course has been taught and transmitted since 2009 and has empowered dozens of seekers globally to tap into energy without the need to feel dependent on outside sources. Based on multiple requests, I am compelled and equally honoured to oblige by offering a live course to seekers with the intent of serving. 


Thursday July 1st & July 8th | 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm | Mecca Time

Saturday July 3rd & July 10th | 1:00 pm to 3 pm | Mecca Time

Regular $99—-> Live Class Special Offer $25 / Student

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Tao of Islamic Chi | A Simplified Guide to Energy Clearing for Busy Folks


This course has been designed to meet the needs of today’s multi tasking spiritualist. We’ve simplified the fundamental concepts concerning the Law of Attraction and in a nutshell present surface and in-depth rules of energy and how it affects the individual and her environment. Additionally, we have included practical guidelines on how to organize one’s life starting from one’s self to the surrounding environment using a room by room approach. More effective than hiring a professional organizer or attending hours of time consuming workshops, we assure you this course is 100% user friendly for the most disorganized individual.