Twin Souls A Glimpse into Esoteric Islamic Traditions

This subject is the essence of our work, our breath and a source of fuel here at Qudra Healing. As a bi product of the Twin Soul Rumi Shems Phenomena, the subject remains a great mystery and through direct experiencing, we share inspired posts.

We will be sharing a series of posts, experiences and articles on the subject sporadically. Today, we share, the following, albeit brief, yet powerful.

Those who found 1 in the دوست merged with that Oneness all seek. The meeting place of Hz Shems and Mvl Rumi was and is the “place’ for this class of lovers who were ushered into the Ocean of 1. May we be accepted into the Divaan of Majma3al Bahrain-the fusion of the two seas. QH



The time had come:



Their meeting on earth;

the Heavens rejoiced:

The time has come!

The time has come for


Do you recall?

That affinity, transparency

where two paired souls simply desired

to traverse to Divine all hyped and wired

as friends together in spirituality

in purity not profanity!

Please, declare this not a mere fantasy

a crime or a shadow of insanity

Let me remind all those who suspect:

Every great one had a friend

from prophets to all heavenly men

I declare that this was you to me

Dare to deny this with all your might?

delete this not from your holy sight

be not surprised if I knock tonight

Last night in plight

I beseeched Jilani:

“Ya Ghowsuna, La Tansaani

Ya Ghowsuna, La Tansaani

His reply,

“Express to Shems with poetic insanity”…QH

حدثنا الحسن قثنا أحمد بن المقدام العجلي قثنا الفضيل بن عياض قثنا ثور بن يزيد عن خالد بن معدان عن زاذان
عن سلمان قال سمعت حبيبي رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم يقول : كنت انا وعلي نورا بين يدي الله عز و جل قبل ان يخلق آدم بأربعة عشر ألف عام فلما خلق الله آدم قسم ذلك النور جزءين فجزء أنا وجزء علي عليه السلام

“Salman said: I heard Allah’s beloved Messenger state: Ali and I were a light between Allah’s hands fourteen thousand years prior the creation of Adam, and when Allah created Adam he divided that light into two parts, one part is me and the other part is Ali” 

This is the verbatim quotation of the tradition as recorded by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Fadail, volume 2, p 663, Tradition #1130, from Abdur-Razzak, from Mu’amar, from al-Zuhri, from Khalid ibn Mu’dan, from Zadan, from Salman al-Farsi (ra).

Happy the moment when we, you and I sit in the place, with two forms and two figures but one soul,you and I. Mevlana Rumi