Qudra Healing

The 40 Day Healing Program

The very first seeker who officially approached us in Hijaz was Sumaya Amba. Her total duration of receiving healing and completing the Qudra Healing Program was approximately 40 days. All 3 stages of our program were completed and incidentally her journey to the next world began after her completion. I not only held the opinion that Amba was a fast learner but remained baffled if her duration with us should be kept as a general standard for seekers. Remaining fluid with no specified time frames, I continue to deal with seekers from all walks, yet question the open ended policy I keep with individual seekers in order to respect individual growth and create a personalized and natural method of healing. This year however, a seeker from Jeddah shared a dream which shed light on a matter I was unconsciously seeking an answer to. The dream is what was narrated to us  in May 2016 and for general privacy reasons, the name of the narrator shall be withheld.

I see that you are in my house, happily meeting my mother in law. She is laying on a bed and you are beside her giving her smile and offering a lot of love and respect. You inform me that a ship is going for an hour tour in which there will be a sufi gathering, I tell you that i will make it because i can take out one hour and i am very happy and excited. Then I see that i am at the dock and my mother in law is there, she is telling me that I can’t go but I am forcing her that I want to. She tells me the reason- that the ship will be back in one month, go and ask Qudra Healing about it. I am very sad and searching for you. I reach a room where some ladies were collected by you who were leaving all together, one by one they leave for the ship and i am left behind..



We do not interpret dreams as we are not authorized in this science. However, in conclusion to the above, we shall revert back to our 40 day time frame for the Qudra Healing Program.


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