Qudra Healing

The Law of Receiving


Sadiyya Patel

The Law Of Receiving is fourth of the 11 Forgotten Laws. The 11 Forgotten Laws are 11 Universal Laws that need to be integrated into our lives in order to succeed. The Law Of Attraction is one of these Universal Laws.

The Law Of Receiving is actually composed of 2 parts – Giving Freely & Being open to receiving the blessings that will come your way through unselfish giving. The Law Of Receiving states that in order to receive we must be willing to give. This applies to every area of our lives, not just money.

Most people work with The Law Of Receiving in reverse. They say “After I get, then I will give.” But The Law Of Receiving doesn’t work that way. We need to give first, and then we will start to receive.

But we need to give in a specific manner in order for us to get the best returns. When we give away our time, effort and money to help others, we must ensure that we give to deserving candidates. Only help those who are prepared to help themselves, not to parasites or loafers.

Giving also needs to be done in an organized manner, rather than haphazardly or sporadically. For example, you may give away 10% of your monthly income to the charity of your choice. The important thing is not the percentage, but that the you give regularly and systematically.

Another area of our lives where we can apply The Law Of Receiving is in our business lives. We need to focus on giving our clients and customers something of value in the services and products that we provide. If we keep the question “How can I provide the best value to my customers/clients/members of my list?” then money will take care of itself.

Once you give, then you need to be prepare yourself to receive. This shows your faith, strengthens your expectation and removes doubt and fear. The first area of our lives that we need to let go of is with our goals and dreams. Have you ever heard the expression “Let go & let God?” This means that you have to do what you can to work toward your goal or dream and then completely release any anxiety about the outcome. Let God take over and give you the favorable outcome that you want. Just as you relax and trust that the food will soon arrive once you have placed an order at a restaurant, relax and trust God to help you to achieve your heartfelt desires.

Prepare yourself to receive by making yourself receptive. You can show your active faith by preparing yourself to receive your goal. Let’s say, for example, you want a particular house. You’ve done what you can to get it, but the outcome is still uncertain. Start preparing to receive it by starting to pack up your belongings to move or buying certain items for the new home. These steps will help to renew your faith and trust that what you want will surely arrive.

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