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Introduction to Twin Souls What is a Twin Soul?

Twin Souls also known as Twin Flames, or Twin Rays are literally the other half of our soul. We all have only one twin flame that we share the blueprint of spiritual energy with. Eons ago, Source (God) wanted to expand the universe to increase the experience of Love. Source, like all other existence is made from both masculine and feminine energy and split these two counterparts down the middle. Each half contained both gender energies and split in half again and again into many many multitudes of itself. These fragments are our individual souls and each have an identicle half in the opposite gender frequency. The two halves of the Twin Soul Whole reincarnate on earth many times and often lead very different lives. As they learn to increase love in their being, both self love and love for others, they begin to become whole within their separate selves. Through developing this unconditional love and accepting their spiritual path, they begin to Join back together with an increased love. Through being separate, they learn to depend on themselves and therefore become a stronger unit of love when they Join back together. When it comes to Twin Souls, forget romantic dates, flowers and chocolates. This is a connection based on the Soul and therefore it’s primary goal is not romance. The primary goal is to increase self love in order to accept the self and come back together with increased understanding and acceptance of self. This does not mean acting selfishly, but instead looking within to see the true spiritual nature of all life on earth. Through coming back to self, we come back to love and it is love that unites us to all things. Love is the uniting force that keeps us searching for our true mate throughout all our incarnations. It is a yearning that never ceases until wholeness is fulfilled, firstly from within. Twin souls can only truly feel complete love and peace when they have reached individual wholeness that leads to union with the twin soul and other soul mates. What is a Soul Mate? Soul mates are members of our Soul Family, whom we share many lifetimes and experiences with. They help us to grow and evolve and we help them to learn lessons too. When a soul is created and descends from Source, it is created in a group.


All of the souls in this group are soul mates and they are very similar to us in energy frequencies. Then each of these souls is split into two which creates the twin souls. A soul mate is a person whom you are very close to on a soul level. They will have shared many experiences in different lifetimes and will have incarnated into various kinds of relationships such as best friends, parent/child, romantic relationships and siblings. They share a deep and empathetic love for each other, and there is a spiritual bond between them as their souls easily recognise each other. Conversations are generally very philosophical and they share a common life purpose to help each other and the world grow. Have I Met my Twin Soul? The Twin Soul connection is one of the most fulfilling relationships we can experience as human beings, on all levels of heart and soul. However, twin soul couples are very rare on earth because they are mirrors of each other and they often find it very difficult to learn self-love to be able to embrace that reflection they see. However, more and more twins are coming back together now in harmony because of the acceleration of spiritual transformation that is occuring in the universe. People are evolving, growing and learning at such a rapid rate that they are becoming whole within quicker so that they are ready to unite with their twin soul. In the past it used to take lifetimes to heal the soul and learn the lessons required for union. These days people are going through the same degree of growth within years or even months. When twin souls unite on earth they come together for some kind of spiritual service to help the rest of the world in some way big or small. Their unity creates huge energy outlets of love to share with the rest of the world to help accelerate it’s shift forward in consciousness. However, in many lifetimes their attempts to reunite back into one soul are unsuccessful because the individual souls are not whole enough individually yet in order to be in harmony. Much emotional chaos is created between the twin souls when they are not in harmony and this tends to push them apart until the time is right. The twin soul connection is more intense than any other union for they are a part of each other and therefore what one feels, the other feels too. these feelings are magnified by each other, therefore they need to be in complete harmony before they can handle the intensity of their connection. Many people think they have met their twin soul when the physical attraction is extremely intense with someone. There may be strong attraction between twin souls but the defining factor is in how they feel as One in soul. they will both just know without any logical explanation that this person is the other half of themself. Whether or not you will meet and stay with your twin soul in a particular lifetime depends on how advanced your soul is and how much of your karma has been worked through from this lifetime and previous ones. Through interacting with your twin soul all emotional baggage is brought to the surface as there can be nothing hidden from each other. Many twin souls part in different lifetimes because they cannot handle such intensity arising. When twin souls reunite, they both undergo a great acceleration of spiritual awakening and healing. Rapidly they learn to accept and learn more about existing in other states of consciousness and their psychic channels are opened to receiving greater spiritual insights to share with the world.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article does not necessarily reflect the views of Qudrahealing.com, yet, we are in favor of the soul mate, twin soul experience. Our interpretation of such phenomena is referred to as ‘The Shems-Rumi Phenomena.‘ The founder of Qudrahealing is in full agreement to the twin flame phenomena as per this article, yet, concrete theories  and experience vary and are subject to personal experience and spiritual beliefs. The images contained in the video do not necessarily reflect our views, yet the written content does. (Qudra Healing-November 11, 2011)

Article Source: http://www.twinsoulmates1111.com/introduction-to-twin-souls-21-c.asp

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