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Universal Laws: Unconditional Love

The Universal Law of Unconditional Love

 By Zabe Barnes
Being in Harmony with the Universal Law of Unconditional Love
    The Universal Law of Unconditional Love is about loving ourselves and others as we/they are, without judgments, conditions, or expectations. Unconditional love is not only a Law; it is a condition of reality; that is, it is an energy that permeates creation–an energy which is readily available to us from Source whenever we choose to tap into it. We tap into this never-ending flow of unconditional love each time we honor ourselves and others. We widen the flow of the unconditional love we experience the more we consciously agree to accept ourselves and each other as we are, perhaps agreeing to disagree on the specifics of being in order to more deeply connect with the greater truth of who we truly are underneath our differences. 

     It is easy to honor one another when we keep in mind that we do not have the full picture. We are not able to hold in our consciousness everything a soul has been through up to the time they are standing before us. We do not always see the whole picture of how their current role supports the unfolding of the Divine Order of the universe. Maybe they are a highly evolved spiritual being who volunteered to take on a life of challenges in order to clear the generational dna of an entire family. Or maybe they took on the role of persecutor this lifetime to teach others how not to be. Perhaps you yourself signed up for challenges as a way of supporting the greater good–and so why do you judge yourself so harshly?

     The Universal Law of Unconditional Love also requires that we love freely and openly without restraint. God is love and we are expressions of that Love. Why then do we hold it back? It is our true nature to allow love to flow freely through us. When we do this, we maintain a deep connection with our higher self. From this connected state of unconditional love for all we encounter, we notice that we say and do the right things at the right times. We are in sync with the world around us and our life flows with grace and ease.
     I invite you to spend time this week focusing on the sacred geometry light grid pictures above as you ask to experience the energy of unconditional love to flow in you and through you. The colored shapes in this Pearlescent Compass Light Language Grid are made of light energy and are three-dimensional in form. Each shape and each color carries a particular vibrational frequency and has been chosen to adjust the master energies (listed below) of your internal GPS navigational system as they relate to the Law of Unconditional Love:

North: Creating and Connection


North East: Discipline and Commitment


East: Spirit/Earth and Love


South East: Follow-Through and Details


South: Action and Grounding


South West: Communication and Relationships


West: Lesson/Knowledge and Healing


North West: Decision/Desire and Intention



     I encourage you to focus on these directional energies in conjunction with the Law of Unconditional Love and the above grid of colored light. Allow the energies of this array of colored shapes to connect you more deeply with the flowing love that is your true nature. Consciously ask, “What needs to shift around each directional energy for you to become the unconditional flow of love that you are?” As new insights come through to you, the process of allowing will unfold.

Reflections on Unconditional Love 
     My lesson this week around the Universal Law of Unconditional Love involved maintaining healthy boundaries while continuing to love freely and openly. Unconditional love includes loving ourselves enough to stand up for what we believe. It is important that we love ourselves enough to stand in our power by maintaining high standards for how we are treated. We are free to walk away when others fail to treat us with the respect and attention we desire. This does not mean that we stop loving the other person unconditionally; we can continue to love them from a distance. But if they are unable to be appropriate in their interactions with us, we are not required to subject ourselves to abuse–silent or expressed. It is possible to place conditions on our time and energy without placing conditions on our love.
     Of course we can communicate with the other person and let them know how we feel. We can request a change in behavior and can be patient while we give them the opportunity to shift the behavior in question. We can also support them in their efforts to change. The important distinction is that we are setting conditions on behavior, not on being. We can still completely and fully love them for who they are–a precious child of God–without condoning inappropriate behavior. And we can require that behavior change in order for us to continue our interactions with them. This requirement is independent of the love we feel for them. We continue to love them unconditionally, whether or not they change and whether or not we continue to spend time with them. 
     We express unconditional love when we keep them in our prayers and when we continue to wish for them blessings of light and healing. Just as we continue to love our children even when we are angry at them for breaking a rule put in place for their own good, so we can continue to love all of God’s children in spite of their misguided transgressions. We recognize that everyone is innately worthy of love. We send this love out to all freely, without discrimination; we then discern whether or not we choose to spend our time and energy directly with them or whether we prefer to maintain a healthy distance as a way of supporting our own personal energy and unconditionally loving ourselves.

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