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What is Angelic Healing?

What is Angelic Healing?

Marjorie McAtee

Angelic healing is a type of alternative medicine that claims to channel the divine energies of angels, archangels, and other celestial beings into the earthly realm in order to heal physical, emotional, and mental illnesses and traumas. Practitioners of angelic healing believe that they are capable of opening a channel or vortex through which angelic beings can travel to share their divine energy with living people. This spiritual healing energy is said to resolve past emotional and psychic traumas, as well as restore the physical body to optimum function. Angelic healing sessions can typically be practiced in person, or from a distance, over the telephone. They are believed safe for everyone, regardless of age or current medical condition.

Practitioners of angelic healing believe that the practice can clear negative energy from an individual’s psychic energy field. They generally feel that physical, psychological, and emotional illnesses and trauma can leave negative physical impressions on a cellular level. These negative impressions are said to strongly influence the individual’s mental and physical function. Angelic healers believe that these negative impressions can cause detrimental imbalances to occur in an individual’s psychic energy field.

People who practice and believe in angelic healing feel that the energy imbalances caused by physical and psychic trauma can be difficult to reverse using conventional methods of therapy, such as psychotherapy. Angelic healing techniques are believed to quickly reverse these energetic imbalances, restoring clients to an optimum state of physical and mental function with as little as one healing session. Some angelic healers even seek to address karmic obstructions that, they claim, may have developed during one or more of a client’s previous physical incarnations.

This type of spiritual healing practice can be performed face-to-face, or it can be performed as a distance healing procedure, usually over the telephone. Practitioners of angelic healing believe that they are calling upon divine energies to help facilitate the client’s physical, emotional, mental, and even karmic healing. Angelic healers often believe temporal boundaries, such as distance, have no bearing on the treatment’s efficacy. Angelic healing from a distance is therefore said to be just as effective as face-to-face angelic healing.

The benefits of angelic healing on emotional and physical health are said to be many. They are believed to include increased feelings of well-being and peace of mind, as well as better sleep and a restored sense of individual purpose or motivation. Some feel that this process can help clients resolve long-standing or deep-seated emotional issues, and can make the process of moving on from emotional trauma much easier.

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