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What is Quantum Healing?

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While conventional medicine approaches healing primarily on the physical level, healing can occur on a nonphysical level of existence, as discussed by H. Dhar in 2009 in Bombay Hospital Journal. Dhar explains that although this type of existence is immaterial, it is the precursor to what becomes physical. Addressing illness on this level as opposed to the physical is thought to be more effective since it is addressing the problem at its source, Dhar says. However, such practice should never replace consulting a medical doctor or outweigh the advice of a doctor.


Quantum is a fraction of the size of an atom and behaves like a wave like light, Dhar explains. A quantum is invisible and comes from the consciousness, or mind, where quantums then come together and take physical form to become matter, according to Dhar.


The idea of the nonlocal mind explains the mind as existing everywhere in space and time and this is why healing can occur remotely, as Larry Dossey explains in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


Understanding exactly how quantum healing occurs appears to be beyond the comprehension of the human intellect, according to Dossey. He uses the analogy that it is like the story of the blind who encounter the elephant. Each man feels different parts and consequently is in disagreement about the nature of the animal as a whole. Similarly, the healer can observe healing take place, yet cannot identify within the process how the healing occurs.


Meditation can result in connection to the superconsciousness, or higher self, which is defined as a higher level or more intelligent form of human existence that is closer to the supernatural, according to Dhar. It is in this connection to the supernatural where suffering and ills cease to exist, Dhar explains. He also describes mediation that focuses on the quantum level gets closer to the source of disease than do other forms of meditation that operate on the molecular level.


The first phase of quantum healing is when the healer enters into a meditative state that involves positive feelings such as compassion, warmth and serenity, according to Dossey. He describes the second phase as the biggest mystery of the process, yet it involves the intentions of healing having an influence on the person receiving the healing. The third phase is the physiological change in the person the healing is directed toward, such as positive changes in a heart condition.

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Article Source:  www.livestrong.com

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