Our Mission

It is our deepest desire to abolish the enslavement of women from men and the self.

This era is for us, the tables shall completely turn in our favour. We women shall achieve this through spiritual empowerment; thus be free spirits and regain our true identity.  When Divine Feminine Energy is activated on a mass scale, the world shall see real change.

21-12-12 The Shift:
As of this year, on the eve of 21-12-12, clear indication was shown to Qudra Healing confirming the official commencement of the Feminine Energy Shift. Qudra Healing has coined the Divine Feminine Energy Shift as the ‘Zanabiyya Energy Shift.’ The Zanabiyya revolutionary shift is Divine Feminine energy working actively through people, nations, nature and most profoundly through select females bringing humanity towards Awakening, Enlightenment and Oneness.