Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change, a highly recommended documentary on the reality of our diet and highlights the shocking truth behind diets and weight loss, and how the food industry manipulates masses through deceptive marketing. Experts and ex-obesees are featured sharing their stories and what it took for them to change.


If Music be the Food for Water, Play On!

Qudra Healing

The consciousness of water is calling upon us to tap into it’s limitless potential in order to heal humanity.

Water was among the earliest of creations intended to sustain life, to bring to life and facilitate the continuity of life known as the cycle of life. Known to have a consciousness of its own, ability to perceive, remember and communicate with the environment like all other living organisms is by far the closest secret we can instantly access in order to change, heal and restore energy frequencies within us. Clearly known to our ancient predecessors as a transmitter to and from the higher realms, water retains memory and conveys information to DNA.

water yogi

Vibrations such as sound, thoughts, intention and prayer, as well as environmental toxins such as chlorine, structure water’s molecular arrangement – affecting all it comes in contact with. Water has the ability to die just as much as it can give life.  Dead water or negatively affected water has the ability to completely change it’s molecular structure through thought, sound and intention.

“Positive information results in beautiful hexagonal crystals, while negative information shows otherwise,” he said. “If we are aware of this and communicate good feelings and messages, the quality of crystals will be beautiful and hence the quality of the water will be good,” Dr. Emoto

Most of us are aware of Dr. Emoto’s research, however the idea that science has yet to convey remains a mystery, does water have a consciousness? To the healing community, not only water, but crystals, rocks, sand and other ‘non living’ classified matter has yet to unveil itself to the majority of humanity. Our personal shift determines the unveiling of these ancient, sacred untapped resources. A water awareness shift will occur as a result.

As we are 70% water, it becomes clear that our thoughts, environment, images and sound all have an affect of our internal water molecular structure. We are either positively or negatively charing the same provided we are conscious of all the active and passive factors which affect the quality of our water. Is this what everything boils down to-water? Yes, the attractor factor we find in individuals is based on the quality of their ‘water’. That is the secret.

Lastly, for those in our specific region who can access Zam zam water, may want to consider switching to it for daily consumption and if not more often than normal. German Scientist, Dr Knut Pfeiffer,  head of the largest medical centre in Munich, has studied Zam-zam with his team of scientists and states that a miracle in itself is that the Zam-zam specimen they studied still extraordinarily increased dramatically the energetic fields in human cells having travelled from Saudi Arabia to Munich, sustaining climate changes, and then being stored for approximately two weeks. The opposite reaction would exhibit with other types of water especially if stagnant for some time, including water from Munich which is considered chemically pure.


Easy to Apply Daily Water Activation  Technology

Solar charged water

Lunar  charged water

Intentionally charged water

Healing water charged with prayers/mantra


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