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For the first time ever The Tao of Islamic Chi will be taught by myself live to seekers, initiates and energy work students. The Tao of Islamic Chi is a Qudra Healing Zawiyya preliminary course for all students and serves as a primer to all other fundamental concepts of understanding energy, clearing negativity, creating sacred space, receiving barakah (blessings), activating alignment, removing blocks, being in harmony with Universal Laws and ultimately living a life one consciously creates. 
Considered a life saver for those experiencing chaos and negativity, this course being a byproduct of transmission, was a means for me to get my life in order and catapulting me into the direction of alignment. This course has been taught and transmitted since 2009 and has empowered dozens of seekers globally to tap into energy without the need to feel dependent on outside sources. Based on multiple requests, I am compelled and equally honoured to oblige by offering a live course to seekers with the intent of serving. 


Thursday July 1st & July 8th | 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm | Mecca Time

Saturday July 3rd & July 10th | 1:00 pm to 3 pm | Mecca Time

Regular $99—-> Live Class Special Offer $25 / Student

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Tao of Islamic Chi | A Simplified Guide to Energy Clearing for Busy Folks


This course has been designed to meet the needs of today’s multi tasking spiritualist. We’ve simplified the fundamental concepts concerning the Law of Attraction and in a nutshell present surface and in-depth rules of energy and how it affects the individual and her environment. Additionally, we have included practical guidelines on how to organize one’s life starting from one’s self to the surrounding environment using a room by room approach. More effective than hiring a professional organizer or attending hours of time consuming workshops, we assure you this course is 100% user friendly for the most disorganized individual.

MAY WORKSHOP | introduction to pranayama breath work & tools

Sensei Nisrine is a Holistic Wellness Coach who is trained and certified in multiple coaching and healing modalities (Breath and Bodywork-Theta Healing- Pranic Healing – Reiki – Access Consciousness – Life Coaching – Yoga and Meditation, to name a few), her experience stems from her own journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Nisrine uses customized approaches to guide you back to your wholeness, back to yourself. Inherently, we are not broken, we are not wounded, we are not missing anything, we merely need to remove the layers of accumulated baggage that we consciously or unconsciously drag along, we merely need to unlearn and let go all the limiting beliefs we chose to adopt as our own that block us from receiving the love and abundance of blessings available for us, we merely need to give ourselves the permission to throw off board and discard the limiting thoughts and calcified ideas we have made about ourselves, about others, about life. It is unfortunate to say that we are our own limitation but it is also empowering because it means that we own the possibility to do something about it, if we choose so! Sensei Nisrine invites you to embark on an epic journey of transformation, discovery, transcendence. The journey back to yourself, the journey back to Love.

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Unleash The Mystic Within


Khatoon Fallah: Performance Artist, Physical Theatre Director and Choreographer

Khatoon continues to shine the light given to her through waves and turns, movement and love. She is a multi talented artist and instructs students globally in the art of movement, whirling and classical and contemporary Persian dance. Khatoon founded Sama Girls, a dance group in Iran, designed to empower, educate and train females through workshops for international and local performances.
Khatoon Dance, an online platform founded and operated by Khatoon, serves to train students worldwide through virtual instruction, while Khatoon Dancewear is her personal label which provides dance and whirling costumes based in Turkey.
In the Sacred Art of Whirling, Khatoon serves as a guide to explain the philosophy of whirling, while providing explicit live and video recorded instructions to students.

Alicia Ali:​ I​nterdisciplinary Artist & Published Poet

Initiated into the Mevlevi Order of Jelaluddin Rumi in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, Alicia’s poetic outpourings is the ​new wine of Arabia.​

Her carefully selected poetic themes on Ishq, love, wine, separation, union, consciousness, elements, guides and the Path of the Dost to name a few, serve as a healing to hearts.

Alicia’s published works, A Hijazi Gift of Love (2018) and High Above (2019) are glimpses from her poetic Divaan ccollection, which are yet to be published.

Her upcoming multi volume edition, Dost, is the Seeker of Love’s daily dose of spiritual sohbet from the lens of a female authorized guide in the Sufi Path.
Declared a spiritual catalyst, Alicia’s creative style of delivery may raise brows, yet she is adamant in crossing ideological boundaries through the art of poetic and artistic expression in
order to achieve a sense of humanistic equilibrium and unity. Her literary outpourings bring together spiritual philosophies, timeless wisdom fused with hints of heart arousal.

In the Art of Penning Your Heart, Alicia serves as a guide in taking seekers gently back to their hearts in order to revisit closed doors and hence to unleash the poet within.


Greetings of Love,

For the first time ever, the Sacred Art of Whirling, popularly known as Sema, shall be taught from Hijaz, Saudi Arabia.

It is my honour to facilitate the learning of this art form with female seekers globally.

In this 8 week training course, all seekers will be taught theory and practice through two mediums, live instruction by our Semazen and our online Zawiyya hosting all course content. Along with Sema or whirling, the Art of Penning Your Heart shall be taught in parallel by myself. I am a published poet, interdisciplinary artist and a guide with permission to initiate and impart teachings on the Path of Love.

There are 3 main segments to  what will be imparted in The Sacred Art of Whirling course


Understanding the philosophy behind whirling.


Access and study the teachings on the Path of the Dost. Dost is the friend, guide, master, guest of the heart, lover and all on the Path of Love.


Guidance to harness your innate ability to receive universal energy and transform state /hal  and wisdom acquired by Penning Your Heart.

We welcome all seekers of the Path of Love to join us in this beautiful opening 

Your dost on the Path of Love


Registration link, limited spaces

Arabia’s First Online Zawiyya for Spiritual Training and Human Excellence

Qudra Healing Zawiyya is an online school of esoteric knowledge. Birthed in Hijaz, Arabia, our Zawiyya is a revival of the old fused with the new and inspired by Masters of the Way. Qudra Healing leads the path of dissemination of authentic Islamic spirituality in the Hijaz and has been officially in operation for a decade. Through multiple Ijazas from various esoteric school and masters, we provide phenomenal knowledge, support and empowerment to seekers both in Arabia and abroad.

“I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it’s gate. (hadith)
I was taken to ancient Greece. We unearthed an ancient site. Beneath where the tombs of two Greek Philosophers rested. The representation of three pillars symbolized three individuals, one Imam Ali whom the other two pillars take (knowledge) from. The lady who accompanied me was a resident of Hijaz, a Sharifah. One who was granted the power of influence.”
January 21st 2021
Hijaz, Arabia

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Occultation: Last Post Till Decided

Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem

It was instructed to me this morning by way of transmission to dismantle all our sites for the time being, until instructed otherwise. Those who have come as seekers and those who subscribe to QH may be aware of our sister sites all related to our multidimensional work. The best way to keep up to date on content posted is by following Qudra Healing on Instagram. I will be dismantling other private groups which have served as a support to seekers.

As a seeker in the Arabian Peninsula, I have been involved in energy work on levels not understood by the majority. This includes dream work, dream exchange, articles, healing work, crystal and sound healing, poetry and dissemination of specific branches of knowledge. At a time when the word Healer was taboo, our work was instrumental to gather together healers in Arabia and encourage alternative holistic practitioners to come out. The changes we see today are promising and rewarding. Through the power of  both thought and pen, we have successfully entered into select hearts, homes, psyche of the masses subtly on apparent and hidden matters. By the blessings and secret of 19 (Bismillah), we have done all that is necessary and continue to do so until the prescribed time. Most of all, in our love for Hijaz and the respective rulers of Al Saud, my love for this land cannot be explained through words..nor understood by hearts. It is an honour that my works and consciousness has reached the respected ruling family of Arabia and the Kings preceding them. Like visionary work, which is rarely understood by the general populace, till later, I shall be retreating and taking my outward journey furthermore inward. I shall stay as long as Hijaz permits and in the event I must leave, I have transferred all to one heart here who has understood the nature of the overall and came as a seeker to learn, listen and serve. Those who came and failed to further themselves in the act of serving (a larger than themselves calling) unfortunately, I am unable to help. I seek loyalists who embody these three qualities and am working under  spiritual instruction to carry out our work on a variety of levels. Those who came to seek Ijaza (spiritual permissions) and have failed to carry out basic instructions, will no longer have Ijazas granted through us and will be removed for their own discipline. This approach may seem arrogant or even harsh, yet our training is based on love and discipline. Those who fail to listen to small instructions will not be able to carry out larger tasks and hence carrying souls becomes burdensome.

Seekers may contact me privately and those in the Hijaz who wish to continue learning may sign up for private coaching/healing and mentoring. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Qudra Healing)  and all other associated sites will no longer be active or viewable. I will be redirecting my energy from this point on in writing, poetry and soul art to carry out all works assigned.

Gratitude to all seekers and friends of the way. This is nothing personally directed to anyone particular.



Ya Hu







The Mountain of Fatima on the Moon

A follower of the House of Fatima in Saudi narrates the following dream:


“After isha prayers, distressed by the brokenness of my friend who was wronged, I complained to Fatima alayhi salam that the person hails from your family, please do justice.

I slept and saw myself and she (AS) on a moon overlooking earth, there is a mountain called ‘fatimid’ mountain on moon. The glorious white moon seemed like anything I have ever seen with backdrop of  pitch black sky with stars. And it is supposedly the tallest mountain on the moon formed 18 or 38 or 32 years ago. The moon does not have tectonic plates nor volcanic action and all of  its mountains created by impacts by asteroids. This explanation was observed in the dream, followed by an assurance that she is not wrong. 

Things start to improve for her later on…

Lunar Healing Dream

Feb 4th 2018-
This dream was received by a female seeker in Jeddah:
“In this dream, (Qudra Healer) is telling me something about my daughter Hafsa, I don’t remember what. Then I see her wearing a jubbah (Arabic style garb) and a turban beneath the full moonlight. The moon is full and bright, then she shows her hand to the moon and it comes near to her, like near where she is standing( in the sky).
After waking up from my sleep, I saw the letter ح and kept saying, “Hafsa, Hafsa, Hafsa.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 4.46.03 PM
Depiction of moon shift sketched by the seeker

Commentary: With recent requests from seekers on spirituality and children, workshops and short courses, this idea has long been lurking in my psyche. As a mother of three creative children, I have been meaning to simply share a few insights on spirituality and children. With over 19 years of experience and research on this subject, I will be posting updates in the coming months on new courses, inshAllah.

Mevlana Rumi and Fariddudin Attar

Every master has a select vessel where secrets and knowledge may be poured into. The Master seeks an empty vessel, a heart ready to receive. Attar the famed Persian poet and mystic too sought an empty vessel and in his presence arrived the young Jelaluddin Rumi. The latter, as legend states had fled with his family,  the Mongol invasion of his homeland  and en route to Anatolia, in the city of Neshapour, young Jelaluddin had to come into the physical presence of Master Attar who would gaze at him and grace him for such works the world had yet to see. He saw Jelaluddin’s father walking ahead of his son and said, “Here comes a sea followed by an ocean.”
Naturally, Attar a master, recognised the secret of Rumi and gave him his  Asrarnama, the book of secrets, which prepared him to study deeper the subtle mysteries of the heart. Later in his adult years, Mevlana Rumi was to meet his spiritual Master and guide who would alchemically transmute the scholar into an ecstatic lover of Divine, something the world had yet to expreience. Again, Shamsuddin too was in search of a open vessel, a master whom he would transfer his entire being and secrets to. Rumi was the select and elect candidate for Shams e Tabrez.
Among the students of Rumi, was Husamuddin. As the story goes, Husamuddin implored Mevlana Rumi, “If you were to write a book like the Ilahiname of Sanai or the Mantiq ‘ut-Tayr (Conference of the Birds) of Attar it would become the companion of many troubadours. They would fill their hearts from your work and compose music to accompany it.” Thereupon Mevlana Rumi embraced the suggestion and composed the song of the reed which would become the opening chapter of his Mathnavi, a six volume epic work of the famed Eastern poet who stands today as the most read poet in the West.
Song of the Reed

Listen to the reed as it tells its tale;

it complains of separation.


Since they cut me from the reed-bed,
men and women have been crying over my lament.


I wish for someone with a bosom torn apart by separation,
so that I can tell them the meaning of the pain of longing.


Everyone who stays far away from his own origin
seeks to get back to the day he was together with it.


I have been crying in every gathering;
I have kept company with the miserable and the happy.


Everyone has thought he is my friend,
but no one has sought my inner secrets.


My secret is not far from my crying,
but neither eye nor ear has the light to find it.


Body from soul, soul from body are not veiled,
but no one has permission to see the soul.


This call of the reed is fire, not wind.
Everyone who has not this fire–should be naught.


The fire is love that came down into the reed;
its fervor is love that came down into the wine.


The reed is the companion of everyone parted from a beloved.
Its tunes have torn apart our veils.


Who has seen such a poison and antidote as the reed?
Who has seen such a sympathizer and longing lover as the reed?


The reed tells the tale of the Way full of blood.
It tells the love stories of Layla and Majnun.


No one but the delirious is intimate with this consciousness.
The tongue has no customer but the ear.


In our sorrow the days have become untimely.
The days accompany the burning griefs.


If the days are gone, tell them “Go!” and never mind.
But Thou, please stay, for none is as holy as Thou.


Everyone but the fish is fed up with his water.
For everyone without daily bread, his day is very long.


No one who is raw can understand the state of the cooked.
So the talk should be short. “That’s all!”
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