Toronto: Islamic Geometry Workshop








“Let no one ignorant of geometry enter”.– Plato

Anila Umar a seeker at Qudra Healing is offering a 9 week Islamic Geometry Art and Spirituality at TDSB in Toronto. My personal journey with Islamic Geometry lead me to incorporate the learning of this science and craft as a therapy for students and seekers. The process and understanding the meticulous nature of Islamic Geometry serves as a healing tool in unfolding the spirit, removing energy blocks, opening and activating the chakras, harmonize the use of both right and enhance one’s focus and assist in mindfulness  and general alignment. For those in Toronto, I highly recommend registering for this unique course with Anila.

The element of mysticism and spirituality in geometric art has been acknowledged by many ancient religious traditions – as evidenced by, for example, the mosaics in Islamic art, mandalas in Vedic Philosophy, the medicine wheel in many Indigenous traditions, and the architecture of ancient and contemporary churches and synagogues.


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