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HU Chant Instructions


It is said that the Qalb-heart of the Hu Man has 70,000 veils. Thus the lifting of the veils is a process that is inevitable to the Seeker of Light.


  HuHU Meditation Chant Instructions




Brief Intro

Mantras have an extraordinary importance like the “HU”, like other Mantras is  a “word of power”. Mantras are listened to or recited for many different purposes, as a means of achieving different states of consciousness, to create resonance with specific attributes of Divine Energy, and to manifest different qualities from resonating the chakras to embodying compassion.


This sound Hu is the beginning and the end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast, or thing. A careful study will prove this fact, which can be realized by listening to the sound of the steam engine or of a mill, while the echo of bells or gongs gives a typical illustration of the sound Hu. Hazrat Inayat Khan

The HU inspiration came out of passion. A desire to release the Supreme Name “HU” into the universe through remote meditation bringing together seekers from all spiritual paths all embracing and joining together for the sake of LOVE. We seek Unity through common ground.


My first introduction to the sacred name HU came to me during my early teens when I was sent to the  ancient land of India with my future spiritual mentor. Prior to this trip, I befell the teachings of Idris Shah. In it, he explained that Mystics rely not on knowledge from books, rather knowledge which is poured directly in to the heart of the seeker through Divine Grace; Heart to Heart (Owaisi Transmission).. This concept intrigued my curiosity  in what seemed odd but deeply resonated. Thus, following my heart, I recall sitting still in nature, simply observing, contemplating and awaiting for this phenomena to strike-more like an experiment which proved  true as Idris Shah explained. Jotting notes of what was pouring into my heart, I started recording these mysterious words of wisdom in my diary.. A favorite one till today was about the wise owl who remains awake at night reciting  HU  while majority of mankind  in deep slumber. Ever since, I’m simply enchanted with HU.

Easy to Follow Instructions


Asana –Meditation Position


All positions require an upright posture keeping spine straight at all times.

  • Lotus Position
  • Cross Legged
  • Kneeling position



Eyes Closed

Recite: HU (Huuu)

Breathe in through nose:  Huuu-Visualize Inhaling Divine White Light entering into your entire being. Absorb.

Breathe out through nose: Huuu-Visualize Exhaling Darkness within exiting your being.


Mudra-Hand Position

When we connect the index finger and thumb we begin to feel the pulse of the heart, and our focus now becomes the heart, and Divine says, “I cannot be found on Heavens or earth, but I can be found in the heart of My believer.” That connection opens the flow of Divine power, what we call “Qudra”

Hu Hand Position: Bring together your index finger and thumb forming a circle. Palms facing down resting on your legs, or palms facing up resting on your legs.

Duration: Continue to inhale and exhale HU until your heart feels full of light and contentment.


May we be infused with the Light of HU. May our beings be saturated in the essence of HU. May we acquire Divine Grace by the Grace of HU. May we Love All of creation with the Divine Quality of Love from HU who is Love. Ameen. Amen



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