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Wisdom Through the Ancient Toltec Tradition

According to historians we have on this planet, pre Adamic nations and people. As per science, similar to the Neatherthals, we have among us the descendants of Gog and Magog. Likewise, it may be highly possible that ancients like the Toltec are pre Adamic and hence, we continue to discover and learn from ancient wisdom passed on through descendants of these nations. Islamic esoteric tradition does not claim that Adam was the first of creation, rather the first Human. Likewise prophetic tradition refers to the existence of Djinns prior to the creation of Adam. In a talk with one of my teachers today, he explained that Cananites are a hybrid lineage mixed with the son of Adam and a non human creation. To avoid controversy, I will remain silent on the non human element discussed.

Wisdom Through the Ancient Toltec Tradition

By Saira M

Ancient Toltec wisdom states that there are agreements people make with themselves and others in a society. If we do not live an authentic life we wear a mask that hides us from being the true divine reflection of God that we are. We wear masks because we are afraid of what people think of us, In his book,”The Four Agreements”, Don Miguel Ruiz expounds on the beliefs that will enable us to live our truest selves.


The Four Agreements are:
1) Be impeccable with your words:
 Speak with truth and love. Be honest. Never be dishonest. Don’t put anything out that’s not in the direction of love and truth. Don’t talk to yourself in a a negative fashion. Everything you think and say creates your reality
2) Nothing others do is because of you:
 What’s important is what you think of yourself. Not what others think of you. What others say or do is a reflection of themselves. Accept and love yourself unconditionally, that is how you will accept and love others.
3) Don’t make assumptions: 
 Always check whether what you are thinking is really true or not. Clarify things. Ask if you’re not sure. Be clear so others don’t make assumptions either. Assumptions are disempowering.
4) Always do your best:
 Your best can vary under different situations but if you do your best, you will never beat yourself up. So, always do your best in any situation.
Saira is a Fashion Designer, Artist and Professional Etiquette Trainer.  She is a  seeker and regular contributor at Qudra Healing Academy and Zawiyya.

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