Mirror Work 1,400 Years Ago

Indeed we cannot trace the founding father of mirror work, however we do know that Louise Hay is the primary reviver of the this ancient sacred healing practice in our era. It has been a well guarded secret from time eternal that loving oneself is the prerequisite to loving others. We simply cannot bypass this truth. 1,400 years ago an enlightened one from the desert of Arabia, known as Mohammed the Final Prophet for humanity, reaffirmed this great truth. As an avid fan of Louise Hay’s works, light was shed upon this subject matter bringing to light the prayer or affirmation of Mohammed (Peace and blessings be upon him and his family) when looking at the mirror.


اللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ حَسَّنْتَ خَلْقِي فَحَسِّنْ خُلُقِي

Allahumma anta hasanta khalqi fahassin khuluqi

“O (Divine) Allah, just as you have made my external features beautiful, make my character beautiful as well.

We can extract a few key points from the above affirmative prayer:

  1. Looking in the mirror is a virtue, rather prophetically endorsed.
  2. Affirmations are a praiseworthy practice.
  3. Healthy self love in connection to praising Divine attributes is virtuous.
  4. Emphasis on external and internal beauty as praiseworthy.
  5. Emphasis on developing one’s character and internal qualities, known as ihsan which stresses on inner purification.
  6. Balance between the internal and external and avoiding neglect of one over the other.
  7. Positive self talk and prayers in the present tense.
  8. Expressing gratitude as a precursor in prayers when praying for a particular outcome.
  9. Refrain from negative self talk.

Lastly, Sufi tradition emphasizes external and internal beautification based on the tradition,

إنَّ اللَّهَ جَمِيلٌ يُحِبُّ الجَمالَ

Verily Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty



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It’s been almost four month since our last post. The hiatus is still not over. Rather a lot of things have been going on and so many different levels. Once the lull or smaller occultation is over, we will be back on regular posting of articles and sharing relevant updates. Since a lot of the work we do is intertwined with dream work, I will be setting up a category for posts pertaining to dreams. These dreams will be directly linked to dreams we are permitted to share either from our side or directly related to Qudra Healing narrated through seekers. We feel it is a relevant time to release this information as we are at a crucial time where humanity is going through  a major shift. We look forward to sharing the journey behind the veil with seekers.


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