Dream of Dolphin Communication Through Consciousness Teacher in Arabia


On March 30th 2017,  we had one of our most revered Wisdom Teachers  in Jeddah share the following dream with us on the subject of dolphins.  In a previous post,  these Angels of the Sea, are seen communicating actively through dream realm to hearts of transmitters. This dream as narrated by our dear friend sheds further light on dolphins and human connectedness.

The communication was so pure and so freely shared there was not this division of animals and humans”


“I had a dream last night that I wanted to share with you. I just …when I woke up this morning and then  was doing spiritual contemplation and then thinking about my dream I really wanted to share with you because it was all about Dolphins and  I was in the ocean. Well I was in the ocean and it was like the Red Sea. It had beautiful turquoise water and parts were very shallow. There were schools and schools of these beautiful  beautiful dolphins that would come right up to the shore and there was such a sense of playfulness and there were people.  A couple of people in the water having these experiences communicating and loving the dolphins and they were so gorgeous and then there was a really huge one that was like turquoise and his body was so shiny and so turquoise and I don’t know… there was just so much love and what it brought to mind was that there was a time and there is a place. Maybe not in this physical universe certainly but  maybe in the physical universe at another time during  a different grand cycle where you know there was just no separation between souls… or any other sentient being that you know wouldn’t be classified as a human form and there was just no separation in consciousness or communication. The communication was so pure and so freely shared there was not this division of animals and humans.”

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Dream Unveils Shaikh Abdalqadir Alsufi and the Qudra Spiritual Collaboration

Shaikh Abdalqadir Alsufi, was  formally introduced to us through a new seeker with our healing program. Prior to commencing, Qudra Healing, requested the seeker to follow protocol through instructions which would determine her admittance in our program. A week later, the following dream was sent to us by the same seeker. This dream opened a new connection with the famed Mystic and renowned personality, Shaikh Abdalqadir Alsufi, formerly known as Ian Dallas.
The dream below was sent to us a few days back.
I came to your house. Your house was decorated with terracotta like colours. Vases and Moroccan colours. I was brought into your sitting room where I met your sister too. We discussed birds. And you led me outside to observe this certain type of bird swooping in the sky. The bird looked like a grey pelican of some sort. And tbe subject of the birds gave me joy and brought a sense of enlightenment. 
That’s when my husband and Shaykh Abdul Qadir  entered your home and they didn’t want to disturb us but they gave off an energy that they supported us. And so they sat in your lounge and engaged in a meditation as a spiritual charity for us. 
You, went to meet the Shaykh and engaged in explaining what you do etc.. you then went on to discuss possible collaborative efforts  the Sheikh and yourself would work on as yet another act of charity and upliftment for the Ummah. 
You entered the sitting room looking delighted at the thought of what was to be achieved in the name of Allah, Most High. 
You were very pleased that we met and that Allah brought Shaykh to your door. And I was so pleased because I was still feeding off the enlightenment of the session we’ve had. And I knew at that moment I was blessed. I was in the place of destiny, not fate.
The strange part of the dream was my attire. I was dressed in a three quarter feminine-flowy dress. And for this reason, I never went to greet Shaykh Abdul Qadir. I had the shame of modesty overcome me. 
I woke up immediately. Feeling my  Being had been penetrated with a powerful force of Source. I had no doubt that I had received my answer…
Peace and blessings
Nov 24th, 2016

Crystal Quartz Healing and Energy Fields Entering Planet Earth

Last night right before dawn I saw Qudra doing healing on you and your family. With her were Clear Quartz Crystals. Qudra then mentioned to me pointing to the heavens that a special light energy and or force field is entering our planet from many sources… Helping all those who seek and that they shall receive from the Barakah (blessings) from Sayeda Fatima and Sayeda Zainab a.s. Qudra and I  then looked above to the skies while in the state of Meditation.

Dream of Crystal Healer and Atlantean Light Worker

This dream is relevant to crystal healing. Below is an excerpt of my narration to my healer friend, Yasmine Fat’emi.
QH-…I had a dream related to you. I’m somewhat foggy on recalling..however I can clearly remember i was in a room which had multiple white shelves around it. On these shelves were crystal of all sorts. I was in awe at looking at them, touching them and even naming some of them. As if someone else was with me, I recall naming aloud the crystals. I saw a lot of clear white quartz-like crystals and rose quartz. They were in the form of raw crystal as well as the type that are imbedding in rock. One of my cousins called me on the phone and I recall telling her I am in a place of crystals which belong to a healer friend named Yasmine. That is how I knew the place and crystals were yours. I cannot recall the scene prior or post to the this scene.

Seeker Sees Dream of Healing Sessions in Dubai

Today, I saw you in my dream. I saw that you were with me in Dubai (I was in Dubai for a conference) and you were having a spiritual therapy session there too. I was so happy to see you there and I was taking your session as well. It was such a wonderful feeling! When I got up, it almost felt ecstatic to see you in my dream! You were teaching us, asking us to fill out some forms that you had assigned. Many people were taking your session and I was one of them

Dream of Canadian Seeker Reports Interaction with Elite Alien Entities


Inner Awakening

We were sitting in a lovely park together with a few new friends. I was astonished to see a group of elite aliens passing by us. I got up at once and went closer to see their faces. Their energy was next level and seemed to be very highly refined and very advance in their knowledge and understanding of our world. They sensed my presence and I felt their radiating love for me in my heart. They had a glowing light and a beautiful energy field around them. I watched as they left for their carriage and as they entered it became a space ship and the group disappeared in a blink of an eye. I went back to ask the special friend who I was sitting with what she experienced and she said that they communicated to her that they have great admiration for me and feel that I am a very special light worker. And they come in peace and help out those who are sincere and have faith…..I saw you and you were sitting peacefully amongst us and were fully aware of it all.

Eastern Province Seeker Reports Seeing Dream with Qasida Burda Poem

Saudi Arabia: “I had a dream earlier this morning about you. You gave me a very neat black folder with hand written notes… actually you said it was a journal and that I can read it. Each page was carefully hand written in blue ink. Very neat.. then I don’t know why but I opened one page, each page was covered in plastic and edged in the black leather/ plastic of the folder,,, but had another page in the back ground, so reached into the back of one page and found a newspaper clipping behind one.”

Then found another page also behind another with the Burdah written in Arabic , which made me excited, so I thought to ask you if I could photo copy it after reading it and was also surprised by how well your Arabic script was rendered. I can still remember some words/ passages of the Burdah, oh yes it that was written in pencil not ink like the rest.

“Words can never be enough in thanking you for the time you’ve given me this morning.. Thank you so much for hearing me out and understanding. To me time is worth a million if not more of tangible gifts..”