Greetings of Love,

For the first time ever, the Sacred Art of Whirling, popularly known as Sema, shall be taught from Hijaz, Saudi Arabia.

It is my honour to facilitate the learning of this art form with female seekers globally.

In this 8 week training course, all seekers will be taught theory and practice through two mediums, live instruction by our Semazen and our online Zawiyya hosting all course content. Along with Sema or whirling, the Art of Penning Your Heart shall be taught in parallel by myself. I am a published poet, interdisciplinary artist and a guide with permission to initiate and impart teachings on the Path of Love.

There are 3 main segments to  what will be imparted in The Sacred Art of Whirling course


Understanding the philosophy behind whirling.


Access and study the teachings on the Path of the Dost. Dost is the friend, guide, master, guest of the heart, lover and all on the Path of Love.


Guidance to harness your innate ability to receive universal energy and transform state /hal  and wisdom acquired by Penning Your Heart.

We welcome all seekers of the Path of Love to join us in this beautiful opening 

Your dost on the Path of Love


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Arabia’s First Online Zawiyya for Spiritual Training and Human Excellence

Qudra Healing Zawiyya is an online school of esoteric knowledge. Birthed in Hijaz, Arabia, our Zawiyya is a revival of the old fused with the new and inspired by Masters of the Way. Qudra Healing leads the path of dissemination of authentic Islamic spirituality in the Hijaz and has been officially in operation for a decade. Through multiple Ijazas from various esoteric school and masters, we provide phenomenal knowledge, support and empowerment to seekers both in Arabia and abroad.

“I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it’s gate. (hadith)
I was taken to ancient Greece. We unearthed an ancient site. Beneath where the tombs of two Greek Philosophers rested. The representation of three pillars symbolized three individuals, one Imam Ali whom the other two pillars take (knowledge) from. The lady who accompanied me was a resident of Hijaz, a Sharifah. One who was granted the power of influence.”
January 21st 2021
Hijaz, Arabia

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