Qudra Healing

Eastern Province Seeker Reports Seeing Dream with Qasida Burda Poem

Saudi Arabia: “I had a dream earlier this morning about you. You gave me a very neat black folder with hand written notes… actually you said it was a journal and that I can read it. Each page was carefully hand written in blue ink. Very neat.. then I don’t know why but I opened one page, each page was covered in plastic and edged in the black leather/ plastic of the folder,,, but had another page in the back ground, so reached into the back of one page and found a newspaper clipping behind one.”

Then found another page also behind another with the Burdah written in Arabic , which made me excited, so I thought to ask you if I could photo copy it after reading it and was also surprised by how well your Arabic script was rendered. I can still remember some words/ passages of the Burdah, oh yes it that was written in pencil not ink like the rest.

“Words can never be enough in thanking you for the time you’ve given me this morning.. Thank you so much for hearing me out and understanding. To me time is worth a million if not more of tangible gifts..”

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