Qudra Healing

Female Ushered into Prophetic Pledge via Dream

March 2014-Seeker Dream of Pledge of Allegiance to the Prophet  for Females

Upon enrolling into the QH Healing program, I saw the following dream. I saw there was a institute opened only for females to take Baiaah (spiritual pledge/initiation ) under Prophet Mohammed (s). Inside the institute,  I saw a big white board that read “Baiaah (pledge) to Prophet Mohammed (for females)”  One had to pay fees and answer a questions then go inside a room to do muraqabah (deep meditation). It had a white cotton sheet on the carpet. It would take from one day to many to meet the prophet saw in muraqabah and then one can go home. But one has to keep coming daily for this until one can was permitted into prophetic presence.

There were many people coming there but only a handful entering in the muraqabah room. There was a small crowd outside but empty inside the room.
My friend got baiyat in two days and she helped me in entering the white room too. My mom also helped me by lending me a 100 sr for my fees as i didnt had money with me that time. My friend gave the answer to my mom which was the code to enter the room. As i was already in the Prophet (S) baiaah, due to previous initiatation, i didnt tell her that i didnt need to take baiaah but i wanted to be in his presence always and just went along with the instructions.
The room had security. A female police and two other women. One woman named Nabeela working for Qudra Healer and another old aged lady lying down with white sheet covering herself to rest.
I entered and said salam to them..then this lady Nabeela got shocked and said..women who come here they don’t even do salam( out of frustration for their irresponsible behaviour as muslims)
I then see myself going in the white room.for muraqabah. I am soo much impatient and right away i see myself crying loudly with pain in my heart that i cant see the prophet..and how much i want to and nobody in here understands. Another second i see that some people on my right and left hold me like a prisoner and take me to another room ahead which could only be accessed upon permitted entry.( those two persons were not shown in my dream but i was taken by them)
The room had a big authority sitting in front of me and i didnt see who..
I kept begging and crying..”please let me see the Prophet..i dont want anything except him..i have been waiting for yrs..” Then i was made to sit between two male officers and i was asked , ” if i would be made the head of these two officers what will i do?”
I realise the importance of this questions being linked to seeing the prophet ..i cried and said..i will spent all what i get in the path of Allah..everything! Unless when i am in need of some rizq..i will keep.some for myself”
And then i realize..i huge authority sitting infront of me was Prophet Mohammed (s)..with soo many other people but i only saw their shadows but i did see the Prophet (S) yet not so clearly..
I was sent outside again. I became sad that again i am alone and my beloved Prophet is not with me. For a second i lose trust in Allah and then again i return to the entrance with my own money for fees and ready to learn the knowledge required to enter and always stay there.
I knew the pass code  it was same as before but i say to myself that i will gain the  knowledge about it and then say the answer..I also realise that i had some knowledge about it and it wont take many days to completely learn this concept. The passcode was the picture of a child which was smiling and was helpful to others.( we had to choose one picture of a child amongst many to enter- it showed different emotions). The child in the photo was known as “The Helper” Al Mansour in Arabic. Upon awakening from my sleep, i felt the pain of crying.

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